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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The right candidate for Ottawa Centre...

Emrys Graefe is running to be the Conservative Party candidate for Ottawa Centre. I've know and worked with Emrys for a number of years, and I not only think that Emrys would make a fine candidate - he'd make a terrific MP.

Emrys knows the value of hard work. He's always worked hard - whether it's to support his family, or put himself through school. Emrys has a very compelling personal story, and I am sure he will connect with voters.

More importantly, I believe candidates like Emrys are the future of the Conservative Party. While I don't want to put words in his mouth, Emrys is very much a libertarian, and a firm believer in free enterprise - he knows first-hand the dangers of welfare dependency.

Ottawa Centre needs to challenge Paul Dewar. While Paul is a nice guy - his party is among the most reactionary around. The NDP would happily sit down and negotiate with the Taliban! They think George Galloway is a peace activist. They hate Israel....and we almost had Jack Layton as a Minister in a coalition government. So, nice guys like Paul Dewar should be sent packing, and Emrys Graefe is right person to do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dewar and the NDP are clearly not reactionaries.

Your PM now advocates talking with the Taliban, as much Layton ever did. And he catagorically never said, "let's sit down and talk with the taliban." He never actually said that.

(Please fact check. Basing your opinion on things you heard, but did not confirm is poor work on your part. Please provide chapter and verse in support of your allegations, and distinguish this from the position of NATO, US and your own PM...or else withdraw your assertion.)

A thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent person like Paul Dewar woud make a better cabinet minister than almost every single member of Mr Harper's cabinet.

Would anyone say they prefer Helena to Paul around the cabinet table???

The real question is why any libertarian would still support this government.

All the best,

Orange Dawn.

8:30 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

Here you go:

"I'm asking New Democrats to send a strong message to all Canadians, and to the world, by supporting, in overwhelming numbers, motions that call for the withdrawal of our forces from the Liberal-Conservative mission in Afghanistan," he concluded.

Under questioning, Layton said the priority should be a comprehensive peace process.

"We've proposed that what should happen in Afghanistan, and what the world should put into place, with the Afghans, is a comprehensive peace process, not a counter-insurgency war," he said. "There needs to be immediate and significant balance introduced ... with regard to reconstruction, with regard to humanitarian aid."

Asked if this meant negotiating with the Taliban, Layton replied: "A comprehensive peace process has to bring all the combatants to the table."

Are there any other political parties as reactionary on this issue as the NDP.

For shame.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, General McChrystall. Just about everyone is advocating for some form of negotiated settlement in Afghanistan. Dewar, Layton and NDP were just four years ahead of everyone. That makes them progressive, not reactionary.

1:48 AM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

Dewar, Layton, and the NDP have consistently called for the troops to come home - and to negotiate with the Taliban.

They would have abandoned the Afghan people to the Taliban.

This is reactionary....and no other political party in the western world comes close.

This is why we have to defeat people like Paul Dewar - certainly a nice guy, who just happens to be in a horrible political party.

10:51 AM  

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