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Monday, May 22, 2006

Canadian funds misused by the Palestinian Authority....

Here's some spending that must be stopped by the newe Conservative government.
The Palestinian Authority daily reported this week on an event that was part of a project funded by CIDA - the Canadian International Development Agency - entitled "The role of civilian institutions in protecting the Right of Return."

The Palestinian term "Right of Return" is their claim to the "right" to resettle in Israel millions of Arabs who are now living in refugee camps. In recent years, the term has been commonly used as the politically correct way of packaging the call for Israel's destruction under the guise of a humanitarian issue.

While CIDA and other international donors are trying to support progressive projects in the Palestinian Authority, this is yet another example of money from well-intentioned donor countries being used for projects that are political and that actually prevent reconciliation with Israel. The Palestinian position of never having peace with Israel until Israel accepts the "right of return" is the greatest hindrance to peace, and may very likely prevent a future peace agreement.

The following is the translation of the item in the PA daily:

"The Ta'awon [co-operation] Youth Forum, in co-operation with the "Badil" Center for Refugee Rights, held a discussion in Hebron under the heading "The role of civilian institutions in protecting the Right of Return".

"The convention took place in the framework of the youth inner discussion project, funded by CIDA the Canadian International Development Agency." [Al-Ayam, May 15, 2006]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palestinians should save their tears for their Arab friends that abandoned them.
When you agrre to start 2 wars and lose both of them, you can't demand that the borders be re-set to the pre-war dates so you can try another war with hopes of winning this time.

4:55 PM  

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