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Monday, July 30, 2007

Pork emissions???

Are they worse than CO2???

A group of Muslims have opposed plans for a pet food factory to be built as possible pork emissions will violate their religious rights.

Butchers Pet Care could shelve plans for a factory in Coton Park, near Rugby, because angry Asian families have complained to their residents' association about pork smells drifting into their garden.

Muslim residents in the area also claim the pork will effectively "rain down" on their homes and gardens after the factory's 100ft chimney has pumped the meat extracts into the atmosphere.

The Coton Park Residential Association said they have received complaints from Muslims - who are directed to not eat pork by the Qur'an - and are taking the matter very seriously.

One family who live less than 100 yards from the proposed factory, but who did not wish to be identified, said: "A significant proportion of meats used in the pet foods processes are pig meat.

"Our religion expressly forbids us to consume pig meat in any form.

"Because of the way in which this meat material will leave the factory and give that the area can be 'rained upon' we will be consuming pork via inhalation of this 'rain'.

"Not only that but our clothes will be contaminated by pork."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for them. Through fair means or fowl, no one wants to live downwind from a dog food factory, let alone animal carcass rendering vats.

When I was a kid Morrison Lamonthe built an industrial bakery in our neighbourhood on the wrong side of the tracks in Ottawa and the stench of baking bread was terrible. Fortunately it quickly closed (and became that architectural marvel, the National Museum of Science and Technology) but to this day I can't stand the smell of baking bread =P

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...mmmmm... bacon....

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I invite them to move to Saudi, they won't be bothered by pork there.

2:16 PM  

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