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Saturday, December 01, 2007

More cartoon riots???

I guess that should be my number one prediction for 2008 - more cartoon riots...
Founder of the Committee for ex Muslims Ehsan Jami has finished his short film on radical Islam, and entitled it The Life of Mohammed. The ten minute film should be shown by February or March.

Jami expects the film will lead to even more controversy than the 'Danish cartoon riots'. As he stated in Friday's issue of newspaper De Telegraaf: "I am demonstrating the violent and tyrannical nature of Mohammed. This man murdered three Jewish tribes, killed apostates and married a 6 year old girl with whom he had sex when she was 9".

Last month, the 24 year old Jami had to leave Labour (PvdA) which no longer accepted from him what it sees as a too harsh tone on Islam. According to the heavily guarded Iran-born politician - who was assaulted on the street by Muslims in August - his film merely shows facts. "I hereby put up a sum of 50,000 euros to anybody who can refute all these facts". Without apparent modesty, he describes the film as "a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind - and freedom".


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