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Monday, March 10, 2008

And this is a conservative leader!

From the UK - whatever happened to merit???
David Cameron has pledged to give a third of ministerial jobs to women if the Conservatives win the next election.

Despite warnings that the move would be unpopular with traditionalists within the party and could have an impact on able male MPs who would otherwise achieve ministerial rank, he said it was right to promote more women in Government.

At present, just seven of Mr Cameron's 30-strong front-bench team are female, and there are only 17 Conservative women in the House of Commons out of 196 MPs.

Mr Cameron said the party was "pushing very hard" to get women from all walks of life to stand as Conservative candidates, partly through the use of the controversial A-list, although he stopped short of advocating all-women shortlists.

He also ruled out a quota of female Cabinet ministers.
Did I read that right? Cameron says no quotas...and yet has just given his pledge for a quota.


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