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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Biofuels increase greenhouse gas emissions...

Yet another reason for us to abandon biofuels...
In almost every essay we feature at World Climate Report, our focus is on climatic phenomena and the general disagreement between observations and what numerical models of climate tell us should be happening given the ongoing buildup of greenhouse gases. We draw heavily from the professional scientific peer-reviewed literature, and our journals of choice range from highly specialized journals in the climate community to far more generalized, but very highly respected journals such as Science and Nature.

A recent article in Science really caught our eye with the title “Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increases Greenhouse Gases Through Emissions from Land-Use Change.” This article is not going to be well received by a lot of people given 1000s of websites telling us to switch to biofuels in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – it looks like those darn “unintentional consequences” are about to bite another great-sounding idea squarely in the butt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biofuels will starve the poor and damage the environment, but they make up for it by providing massive quantities of self-righteousness. So it's all good.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...Biofuels are by definition based on vegitation which last time I checked except for a funky sulfur based plant that exists at the bottom of the ocean in volcanic cracks are all defined as being Carbon-base life good try, but not going to reduce any carbon based greenhouse gas emission ... and like stated already...starve the poor and damage the enviroment even more...

little recognised number... 98% of green house gas emmisions are H2O

6:46 PM  

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