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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Could you imagine Palestinians rescuing Israeli babies???

I love this type of story...but I just can't imagine hospitals in Gaza accepting Israeli babies, if the situation were reversed...
It is one of the world's most volatile borders, separating the Middle East's most bitter of enemies. Erez - the only pedestrian crossing into Israel for 1.4 million Palestinians crammed into the Gaza Strip - has been largely sealed off since Hamas' takeover last summer, leaving its residents in an increasingly desperate plight. But the rescue of one, dying, Palestinian baby at the concrete fortress last week threw a ray of light on a little-known humanitarian agreement between Israel and Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry, at a time when they are locked in a state of conflict.

In a delicate operation, which I witnessed, eight-day-old Mohammed Amin El-Taian was carried across no man's land on a stretcher at midday by a doctor from the Gazan ministry of health and handed to his counterpart from Magen David Adom (MDA), the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross.

Mohammed - crippled by a chest infection, and heart and gastric problems - was then transferred along with his mother to the Dana specialist children's hospital in Tel Aviv, where he was to get the emergency treatment needed to save his life. If he had been left at the under-resourced Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, where he was born, Mohammed's chances of survival would have been extremely slim.

The decision to allow him to cross the border-fortress - at the point where Hamas snipers fired at Israeli soldiers only days before - is part of a little-known humanitarian deal between health officials of the two enemies, in which a small number of the neediest patients in Gaza given emergency treatment in Israel's more advanced hospitals.


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