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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The latest in double standards...

They'll insult the jews...they'll sue for their rights....
A mosque asking that Canadian workplaces respect a strict Muslim dress code is at the same time disseminating slurs against Jews and Western societies, and warning members against social integration.

The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque near Kipling Ave. and Rexdale Blvd. serves as the religious authority for eight Somali women complaining to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that UPS Canada Ltd. violated their religious rights at a sorting plant. The mosque, founded in 1990 and serving upwards of 10,000 people, preaches strict adherence to sharia, or Islamic law, and no compromise with the West.

Teachings on the mosque's website,, refer to non-Muslim Westerners as "wicked," "corrupt" and "our clear enemies."

Sometimes Jews are singled out.

"Is it permissible for women to wear high-heeled shoes?" begins one posting in question-and-answer format. "That is not permissible," comes the reply. "It involves resembling the Disbelieving Women or the wicked women. It has its origin among the Jewish women."

Modern pastimes are condemned.

"What is the ruling on subscribing to sports channels?" another question begins. "Watching some of the female spectators, when the camera focuses on them time after time" stirs "evil inclinations," the lesson reads. "Some (players) may not even believe in Allaah."

Mosque leaders refused repeated requests for an interview.

A disclaimer on the website says questions and answers do not necessarily reflect the mosque's views. But the About Us page says: "All questions and answers on this site (are) prepared, approved and supervised by (the mosque's imam) Bashir Yusuf Shiil."

The mosque's stand on the UPS case also appears contradictory.

In September, a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal heard two weeks of testimony from eight mosque members alleging "Islamophobia" at the company's west Toronto plant. Three final days of testimony are scheduled for next week.

The eight women, who lost their jobs at UPS, say Islam dictates that they wear a full-length skirt for modesty. The courier company insists that any skirt be knee-length for safety, as workers climb ladders up to 6 metres high.

Under their skirt, the women wear full-length trousers but say they do not want the lower part showing in case the shape of the calf can be discerned.

The complaint originally centred on the company's use of temporary workers and uneven enforcement of its safety rules.

But the key question remains: Is UPS insisting on shorter hems for safety or is it violating religious rights by denying the women permanent jobs unless they conform?

So far, no Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque representative has attended the sessions, but the women cited the mosque as their place of worship and religious authority, and tabled a letter from its administration. "This is to certify that the religion of Islam requires all Muslim women to cover her entire body inclusive of the legs, arms, head, ears and neck," the letter reads. "As such, (the women) would not be able to wear pants as an outfit."

On the other hand, the mosque's website teachings forbid women to work outside the home in the first place. "It is known that when women go to work in the workplaces of men, this leads to mixing with men," one such posting says.

"This is a very dangerous matter," it reads. "It is in clear opposition to the texts of the Shariah that order the women to remain in their houses and to fulfill the type of work that is particular for her ...

"We ask Allah to protect our land and the lands of all Muslims from the plots and machinations of their enemies."

Two of the women making the complaint – Dales Yusuf, 46, and Nadifo Yusuf (no relation), 36 – said in an interview that they live in Canada now, and are free to pick and choose from Islamic law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two weeks of testimony, with more to come - you can imagine the legal costs UPS is incurring to defend itself against this complaint (costs which will ultimately be passed on to everyone who relies on UPS's services, directly or indirectly).

Does anyone see the irony of this - a company being hauled in front of a HRC for trying to enforce workplace safety regulations, while the mosque spews racist, mysognynistic, hatelful remarks with impunity?

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, the Toronto Star has a web link to the mosque's Website (yes, 21st century technology to promote 13th century ideology) where it reprints a letter they sent to the journalist before the story appeared. Part of it reads:

'We will reserve judgment on your article until after it is published and we are hopeful that it is accurate, fair and balanced. If it is not, we will seek the appropriate advice from our legal counsel.'

In other words - if we don't like the article you've written about us, we'll take you and your newspaper to the HRC!

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by this cheap ruse because the best way to become a Career welfare mom is to make sure you are not "Employable"
which includes acting as if you are mentally ill,dressing down for interviews, spewing hatred at Job interviews to show a risk for hiring them,wearing clothes that make normal job chores awkward,and a host of other clauses like becoming a baby-machines to assure that you stay at home to raise the kids.

The U.K. has the same problem where females within Islam have the highest percentage for Unemployment because the men keep them at home as Mothers , plus the Burka-bragade makes sure they have fewer chances of finding High-paying labour jobs.

This insane attitude is exactly how a large group of female students were allowed to Burn to death in the School fire since the exit was kept shut from the outside to trap the girls because not all of them had their Niqhab's on when the fire started.
The lame excuse was that it was Allah's will that they died to show their love for islam to accept Sharia Law that they ca not show any Skin in public.

This is the same area of toronto where there was a Drug problem that the Muslims whined about to make the Police enforce the Laws and clean up the area, but when camera's were put in the high-risk spots it was the Imam's that claimed it was agaisnt Shariah law to show females on video or pictures if they didn't have the Hijab on at that time.
Then when the Police tried to arrest a drug pusher , the Cops were attacked by a mob of Somali's that were upset at a Muslim drug-pusher being arrested .

They can't have it both ways , you are not back home in Somalia and maybe these types of events lead to the lack of compassion for Somalia after the big Tsunami that killed almost 300'000 people and hit the African coast.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim hatred for normal people is so ingrained in that political machine they call a religion that it would make absolute sense to stop Muslim immigration to Canada and encourage the Muslims who are here to leave.

If any other group tried to contribute only their hatred to our society, as Muslims do, they would be booted out the door.

Muslims are the new Nazis, a lot less competent and more backwards than the old Nazis thankfully, but they're the new Nazis nonetheless. Muslims deserve only each other, and they can have that in many of the violent places of the world Muslims seem to prefer.

2:49 AM  

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