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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cash for mosques in the UK.....

A change in strategy for the UK government...but can they really find the right people to work with???
Mosques and local Muslim community groups are to be given money and direct access to government ministers under a radical plan to isolate Britain’s largest Islamic organisation, which the Government accuses of endorsing violent extremism.

The move follows criticism of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which claims to represent half of the country’s Muslims, by Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary. Ms Blears attacked the group for refusing to sack its deputy leader, Daud Abdullah, after he endorsed a pro-Hamas declaration that appeared to call for violence against Jews and Israel and condone attacks on British troops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i find the action of UK government is very naive... Cash for mosques???from my own pocket?? It is proved that 80'% of UK mosquest have radical hateful ideas and preaching.The muslims want Islamic halifat in UK and in Europe. They are MUSLIMS after all.Islam teaches to subjugate EVERY NONMUSLIM. Forcefully convert him, murder him for Allah or put him in subservient state called "Dhimmi". If you look at all ex-christian couuntries like Egypt, N Africa, Lybia, Syria, Lebanon which were conquered by bloodthristy muslims and look how christians and jews lived there centuries long - liike Dhimmis - google about it- you would understand, that if Islam conqueres us, while we are sitting and slipping - IT WILL BE THE END OF ALL of us...Please wake up! FIGHT ISLAMO-NAZI-SATANISM!


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