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Monday, March 23, 2009

Our horrible Heritage Department....

Something is rotten at our Department of Heritage...they don't seem to understand what they are defending and promoting....
Things are heating up in the sweepstakes for the most incompetent department of Canadian government to face Islamic radicalism. For a while, bets were on Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board, which, for 11 years, had the president of the extremist-sympathizing Canadian Arab Federation – big on Hamas and Hizballah – on its board. His job there was to decide who was too dangerous to let into the country.

But now "Heritage Canada," a Canadian government department whose bid for the title is made with the help of the Calgary-based independent Centre for Faith and the Media (CFM) has jumped in the fray.

Heritage Canada pushes a multiculturalism agenda, and the CFM seems to be a one-employee outfit with a volunteer Board of Directors of sympathetic religious people – with one exception. Positioning itself as a link and information clearinghouse between journalists and religious communities, CFM has been decisive in moving Heritage Canada into committing blunders.

The current fiasco started when Heritage Canada funded the Centre to start something called "The Muslim Project." This initiative involves a series of cross-Canada "roundtables" prominently displaying CFM's sole paid employee, Executive Director Richelle Wiseman, as moderator. The end-product? A "study" of media portrayals of Muslims and Islam in Canada, due out within the next year or so.

Heritage Canada bureaucrats would have known something could go wrong with a Muslim-oriented project dealing with this subject if they'd only looked at a "journalist's guide" to Islam on the sponsoring CFM's website. The Islam "guide," which was pulled from the site last month, recommended that Canadian reporters seek out the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as an authoritative source of information about Muslims and Islam. CAIR, of course, is the Washington, DC radical-Islamist organization that is funded by the Saudis and qualified by the US Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing trial. A parade of its senior officials and affiliated people has made its way into penitentiaries on criminal charges and an FBI agent testified that it was a front organization for Hamas.

The Islam guide was copyrighted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada (CAIR-CAN), the Canadian chapter of CAIR. It isn't clear whether Canadian bureaucrats were confused by CAIR-CAN's usual disinformation about "distancing" itself from CAIR – which then-CAIR-CAN Chair Sheema Khan acknowledged in a sworn December 2003 affidavit was her chapter's mother organization. No one can figure out whether Heritage Canada and the Centre for Faith and the Media "interfaithers" knew that CAIR-CAN refuses to name and condemn the Hamas, Hizballah and other killers placed by Canada's own government on a list of banned terror groups. Or that CAIR-CAN is a defendant in a 9/11 New York lawsuit. Or that CAIR – including CAIR-CAN – had been responsible for all-out attacks, through the use of "silencing" libel lawsuits, on the constitutional rights of virtually any Canadian and American media that dared to ask about the organizations' links and agendas. This looks like a pretty weak "partner" for a Centre that aims to help the media.

Much worse was to follow, and it indeed appears that the CFM's Muslim Project might be substantially in the hands of those who would be most reviled by moderate members of the very Canadian faith community in whose name the Centre hopes to work. A review of available roundtable announcements and other evidence, for example, makes the case. One gets the impression that an intimate and symbiotic relationship seems to have developed between the well-meaning, but apparently unaware CFM, and CAIR-CAN.

One example suffices. Among several public roundtables featuring CAIR-CAN operatives was a "media training" session in Montreal. The event consisted of the CFM Executive Director as moderator, and three panelists: CAIR-CAN Executive Director Ihsaan Gardee, Sameer Zuberi – somewhat misleadingly advertised in one source as a human rights advocate and student – and a cleric named Sikander Hashmi. Elsewhere, Zuberi was better known only weeks before as CAIR-CAN's communications coordinator and "human rights" advocate. Meanwhile, Hashmi was described as a "freelance journalist and Imam"; his very few internet articles include one slavishly quoting from a CAIR-CAN communications officer ... Sameer Zuberi. There couldn't have been much for CFM moderator Wiseman to "moderate" as she sat in the middle of this hard-line trio.
But, read the whole thing. Sometimes I wonder whether we understand what it will take to save western culture...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheema Khan and Muhammad Elmasry were the 2-stooges that crusaded for Shariah Law in Canada.
CAIR and Dr.Khan were both part of Maher Arar's $400'000'000.00 dollar lawsuit for what JORDAN had done to him.
CAIR helped recruit the team of Lawyers and Witnesses from the University Of Ottawa that gave evidence at the Inquiry , and guess what......the same U of O is now getting part of the Arar's $$$$ millions as a donation .
CAIR's own website still posts the "Victory Dinner" info which was held in February of 2007, it list Jack Layton and Muhammed Elmasry as attending the Fund-raising dinner along with many Liberals and NDPer's , Sheema Khan was there as well and a few noted Islamists that also adhere toi the Whahabi islam from Saudi Arabia.

There is a very harsh article about Khan when she lied to Justice O'Connor about "Islamophobia" in Canada and the Racism where the RCMP rounded-up 17 Muslims and held them with no Charges and then deported them without a Legal hearing or a Lawyer.

CAIR's "Survey" was flawed from the start because it was only given to those with issues or Muslims that used the E-Survey on their website , the Inquiry transcripts detail how Khan was forced to tell the truth that the "70'000" Muslims victims of Racism was really a projected Percentage on the total Population from the Survey which was less than 600 persons.
About 40% of the whiners were either Tourists or foreign Students and were allowed to fill out the Survey if they Knew of someone that suffered racism in canada.

As for the Muslims rounded-up and held without charges.....they were all Illegals from Pakistan with Forged ID and bogus Passports , some even paid for Bogus Students Visas and never bothered to leave canada or report that they were still in the Country.
The U.N. Charter allows members to Legally detain Non-Citizens that don't comply with the entry laws and may pose a threat to the Civilians that expect the Right to Security Of Person.
The 17 Sunni Muslims were never charged because they did not commit a crime, they were visitors that failed to leave and were held until arrangements were made to return them home .
They don't get a Free-lawyer,welfare,Housing ,health care ,dental care,Job training,schooling or other thing the Legal visitor gets when the register for a resident status.

Sheema Khan (aka Con-job Khan) had the nerve to swear on a Quran which the Inquiry had to keep on a special support away from a Bible or Torah because islam is the real truth from God and Khan would never lie in Public since Allah was watching and the saudi would never condone taqqiyah ( lies for Allahs cause).

I'm glad Arar got the $12 million and that Khan is on record spewing lies to a Justice during an Inquiry , it makes it easier when they are all rounded-up on fraud charges and conspiracy to extort canada millions on false racism claims and get the Money as a Tax-free income because it's a Court Settlement and not Earn income.

Nobody has questioned why Maher Arar is now quiet over his lawsuit against the USA,Jordan,and Syria.
Nor do canadian ask why a man that asserted he was tortured for 10 months- and suffers nightmares from it and mental damage-while in a 8x10 cell and had demanded $400'000'000.00 from canada but right before the final O'Connor report was to come out he quickly settled out of Court for a mere $10.5 million plus Legal fees to the CAIR-Friendly team of Lawyers .

Just imagine you are injured at a Burger King and you then parade in front of the media to assert that you were harmed and traumatized , you get Jack Layton and Alexa McDonnough on your side for a $400.00 Lawsuit to terrorize Burger King into settling quickly.
BUT, right as all the evidence and claims by you are about to be printed in the News Papers after a long inquiry , you tell your Lawyer to "Settle Out Of Court"
for $10.00 .

Arar played us for suckers, and oddly enough the inquiry revealed that Arar was to get a job with the Holy Land Foundation in the USA via CAIR's connection by Nihad Awad, the same Awad tied to Hamas and the same Awad on the CTV news video boasting about how CAIR support Maher Arar since 2002 because Arar had a second home near the 9/11 Boston Airport.

The only good news is that the CBC still runs to CAIR or Dr.Khan(con job Khan) for their truth about islam , and now the CBC is exposed for shody research and backing a hamas/Terrorism friendly Org in canada.
The CBC aided and abetted the Arar's by only reporting what CAIR claimed was the truth for maher, the CBc never reported that Arar was a draft-dodger wanted on a warrant by the Military court in Syria, they never reported that he got a Gun in 1993 which I bet he never told his wife about.
Thank god his wife didn't have her brain blown out by a Honour killing for offending islam or Arar's Saudi masters, Canada would have been attack for not stopping it because we're islamophobe and didn't care is another Muslims dies in the hands of a violent Husband.

Peggy Nash was with the CAW prior to the NDP seat in Toronto, she helped the Remero House refugee Centre get close to $200'000.00 from the CAW to build more housing so the unskilled Mexicans and South Americans can live there and later do the cheap labour jobs to under-cut canadians.
Nash later won the Parkdale Highpark seat Provincially and then the Federal one after Kennedy chose to run as the Leader for the Liberal and not the Ward 14 seat.
Nash managed to get Michelle Jean to visit the Centre one day in August but they made sure most of the white-people didn't attend and they had mostly Africans that day .
Nash is now back at the CAW but has a bullhorn and was shouting at a crowd that the Provincvial Liberals and Harper must protect CAW jobs or give them good severance packages from the jobs going to Mexico and back to the USA.
Oh the irony for the NDP, they play both sides by backing the CAW as they give money to a Pro-Refugee centre that imports cheap labour to under-cut CAW wages and once the NDP kills the CAW jobs they then start to bash the Mexicans and Americans who cheated canadian and stole the jobs .

10:18 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

very interesting comment...can you email me privately....i need to get more info on your stuff...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a recent article from the USA that confirm the CAIR ties to hamas and terrorism funding, Maher Arar was to get a job at the HLF while he would leave his Wife and kids back in canada.
The FBI finally caught on to the scam and yet Canada and CTV are
ignorant about Nihad Awad's history to the Palestinian terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Muhammed Elamsry is an Egyptian , Egypt was where the Brotherhood started around 1925 ,Arar's wife is a Palestinian,CAIR and Sheema Khan are Pro-Shariah Law Whahabbis .
When the Arar's fled canada for Tunisia they lived with the wife relatives there, but the Tunisian Security forces were watching them because a family member was a suspected Muslim Brotherhood supporter from Palestine .
When the Police started to drain the swamp it was then that Maher had to flee by himself to the USA and may have been expecting that Nihad Awad would be there at JFK to meet him and wisk him off to one of many Mosques Controlled by the saudis that harbour pro-Jihad Illegals from the FBI since they fear entering a Mosque to arrest any Muslim.
Arar was still a Syrian Citizen and used a canadian passport to globe-trot,CAIR had coached Arar to not aid the RCMP expose Momin Khawaja as a terrorist at the Arar's Mosque in Ottawa and that's when the Arar fled canada.
Maher flew by himself as a young Sunni Syrian Muslim male with a Canadian passport from a known Terrorist producing country like Tunisia, the FBI had watched him at his second home in Boston and the Militant Mosque he attended there as well.
So when Arar deplaned at JFK from Tunisia with a flimsy story about his "vacation" and AirMile points that forced him to fly from Tunisia/Italy/Switzerland/USA and then to Ottawa ,they didn't buy this story and pulled him aside
for indepth questions.
He was evasive and kirt, next the USA used there legal U.N. Charter Rights to deny him entry as a possible threat because they didn't want to take the risks that he would just walk out of JFK Airport and not board the Flight to canada.
Tunisia/Italy and Switzerland did not want him back on a flight for fear of an Asylum Claim for the whole family fleeing harm if they return to canada or the USA one day.
The only nation to allow him in was the hamas friendly Jordan Government which the USA paid to fly Arar on a private jet with no hand cuffs and high-clas meals as Arar told the CBC in 2003 befor his lawsuit against canada.
Arar was NEVER nabbed in the USA and Deported to Syria as CAIR kept asserting the the MSM in canada, He was refused entry to the USA at JFK and only Jordan accepted him on a return flight.
Arar's own website still posts his Lawsuit for Jordan which he told an Ontario Judge in 2003 was fully responsible for the Alleged Torture over about 2 weeks and then the Arab Kidnappers allowed to grab him and return him to Syria for a Military trial via the Warrant as a draft-Dodger.

The O'Connor report details all this proof and even fingers his wife as a co-conspirator in the Lawsuit fraud to canada because she didn't Allege any Torture or USA links until after she heard that Maher was to face a Military Trial that had nothing to do with Arar's terrorist links as we heard once She started the campaign to free him and return him to canada.
Not one piece of solid evidence in the Inquiry had proved that canada and the USA conspired to deport Arar to Syria for the sole purpose of Torture and a false confession.
Is it any shock that Arar has quickly attacked Omar Khadr as a liar or was Tortured by the Americans in Gitmo to lie about him being seen in Afghanistan at a Al-Qaeda camp.
The Jihadist calling the Jihadist evil.

Since its founding, several CAIR officials have been convicted or deported for terrorism-related activities and for other criminal offenses. CAIR, meanwhile, has sought to undermine national security — and the FBI specifically — at every turn: frequently mounting public-relations campaigns for indicted terror suspects, vigorously opposing the Patriot Act and the surveillance of suspected al-Qaeda communications, and even distributing a “Muslim community safety kit” that discourages cooperation with the FBI.

Despite that sordid record, government officials regarded CAIR as a representative and leader of American Muslims. Our law-enforcement and national-security agencies consulted with it closely and even permitted it to indoctrinate our agents during compulsory “sensitivity training” lectures. Doing so, they raised its profile, facilitated its radical, anti-American agenda, and dispirited our allies in the Muslim community, many of whom are in the United States precisely because they don’t want to live in the totalitarian misery the Muslim Brotherhood and its satellites would impose.


Back in 2006 I found a juicy Video on the Internet from a Mosque in Pickering,it was meant to be a Anti-racism Educational tape to hand out by the Imams and clerics.
Seems that the Mosque had Alleged it was fire-bombed on a Thursday Night (friday AM about 3:00), the Anti-racism and Tolerance meeting was quickly put together once the MSM had all the Video images to run on TV to back the story.
While the whole story and timeline would have made Columbo laugh for how easy it was to expose the Insurance fraud to use Arson to get a Reno Building Permit to by-pass the Zoning laws which prevented any changes to the old Office Unit for expanding it to a large Mosque.....I'll stick to my point on the Jew-bashing hatefest .
The 22 minute video starts out with non-Muslim Community person being paraded onto the altar to sit on the floor to respect islam and show Muslims how much power they have to enforce Sharia law by-proxy.
The 3-stooges that took the Mic that night were Dan McTeague, Mark Holland, and then Liberal Whalid Khan because they were all Liberals.
After the basic Emcee info from the Imam I saw the mic go to Khan,he expresses outrage that a Mosque was "Vandalized" by Islamophobia and racism but then tells the Muslims that even though the Quran allows for "Revenge-Attacks" on those harming muslims or islam....Allah is pleased when we chose peace .
My jaw almost hit the floor,an MP in canada telling Muslims that Jihad on our soil to harm canadian civilians is legal under islamic laws in the Quran .
Mark Holland did his Schtick by blaming the Fire on drunken white Christians filled with ignorance an hatred that too much time on their hands .
They came MP McTeague around the 14:00 mark , he greets them in the standard Arabic words and then starts bashing israle and the Jews. As he plays to the muslims by claiming that he flew back right away from the Middle east once he heard of the Attack ( now elivated from vandalism to quasi-terrorism) he also suures them that the P.M. was updated on it as information comes in .
McTeague does his rants and boasts about all the WW2 vets in the Pickering area who fought the nazis to make canada what is is today and we must equally defend the Muslims in canada from thses racist thugs, not only did he mention the Gholan Heights where he saw Israel firing rockets at Innocent Muslims in Lebanon ( this while Jewish guest were still on the floor) he then asserted that he didn't want to see that hatred come here to muslim in canada ( Huh??????, Rocket firing jews in canada murdering Muslim civilain???).
Dan then goes on to claim that No real Christian would do something like this and no God would condone this racism or hatred (guess he was sleeping when Khan cited the Quran for terrorism against canadians that harm islam or Muslims), with a June 2006 Election coming up the 3-stooges made sure they demonized all non-Muslims in canada and saw the the Liberals were on there side.
BUT, the one thing that made me email McTeague once the video was over was the part where he denounces jesus as the Mesiah for over 1 billion Christians on earth and then exalts Muhammaed as the true Prophet and Allah as the true God of all Gods.
Remember, the non-Muslim guests expecting a Anti-racism rally after the Fire-Bombing were still on the carpet having to hear this tripe and no one jewish person or female was allowed to speak to the male dominated mob or male fired-up and out for Revenge against Christians and jews by this point.

Poor MP McTeague and Holland , they were obviously duped by the usual Tiqqiyah to play Kuffars for the fools in public and make them worship islam and denouce jesus or the Torah .
I called Mcteague on this issue for why he denouced Jesus in Public to appease Muslim and had also stayed mute when Khan told the Muslims that revenge terrorism in canada is legal in the Quran .
He repsonded with a very insulting email and called me the racist , he attacked me as a shameful catholic that is not a Christian and that I must never contact him again because of my ignorance and bigotry towards Muslims.

Gee.....imagine that , never once in the documented email to his M.P. address (kept on file by law) did I mention my faith , and yet he merely assume I was a Catholic and Immigrant because he again took refuge in the patriot position that his relatives fought for canada to give me my Right to spew hate.

I did contact again to hope he'd send the RCMP after me to let this scam be exposed to the Media and Public , I informed him that my Dad is Aboriginal and suffered years of Bigotry in Quebec by the smug French Catholics that tried to get his father to make the family name a French name of the English word that could be translated to wipe his native history from earth.
I also told Dan than he had a helluva nerve to tell me I should be greatful for Trudeau because he infered I was a Immigrant , My Dad served for canada in WW2 along with my Mother who left Highschool to learn Welding to finish off Bomber Plain bound for the ETO via Malton/Montreal/England.
That arrogant ba$tard was too stupid to know that while My dad was in the Army and my Mom welded Bombers,Trudeau Sr. was mocking my dad by wearing his Nazi helmet in Quebec and laughing as our soldier that died on foreign soil
for a War that was the Anglos war and not Frances.
Of course , Trudeau was a arrogant punk from a wealthy french family and knew how to let the poor die for his freedoms , mush like Michael Moore does today as he gets richer off Movies in which he mocks the elite rich that send other kids to die for their freedoms .
The came June of 1940 when the french once again put down their weapons for the Germans and went back to eating cheese and drinking wine while the poor send their sons to war as the Underground forces .

I did try to find a MSM reporter to view the video and read the insulting emails, but not one person had the guts to take on Chretien and the CRTC once the Video and email sick the RCMP on people like Paul Martin did to the Grewals from the audio that proved Martin approved a bribe to get them to cross the floor and then Belinda Stranach who denied she was bribed.

They all make me sick , and my dad showed me how to be a man and defend freedom even when the victims mock you as a Stupid Druken Indian but let you jopin the Army to die for them, then after the war you get stuck with low income labour jobs from racism like the Elite Trudeau types that didn't allow one non-White RCMP member to carry his Coffin in the CBC video tribute when he finally died.
I'd love to visit the Trudeau grave to pisss on it, but it would offend my dad more then I would enjoy it and I have far more respect for the Drunken Indian that fought for a racist canada than the gutless coward Elitist that hide from the war and let other die for his freedom.

Mcteague made me sick and i laugh every time he gets up on the soapbox and takes the last refuge as a scoundrel by wrapping himself in the canadian flag because he knew some that served for canada in WW2.
This is why I'm not at all shocked
at the Liberals being buddies with the terrorist in canada, they left the too die for their freedoms, Liberals don't care which poor people they exploit or the colour .
It's the power they lust for and they'll even embrace abortion because dead babies don't vote.

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