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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Map of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landings on Juno Beach showing D-Day objectives and front line at midnight June 6.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Besides capturing the Enigma code machine, I have to think the fact that there was a brief window of relatively good weather for the landing was the greatest factor in our winning the war.

I visited Juno Beach and visted the private diaporama depicting the landing and the building of the huge artifial floating quays. This was much more to the point than the Canadian Juno museum.

One of the quays was destroyed by a fierce storm I believe about ten days after the landing. Imagine if that storm had hit while the Allies tried to land. These quays permitted the supplying of the armies that advanced. Without them the invasion would have stalled.

It was a stupendous feat hauling all the blocks over the Channel and putting them together off the beaches. Not to mention keeping the invasion a secret.

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