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Monday, December 12, 2016

My take on the Trans movement....

The Trans movement is not my movement....

This has caused friction between the gay community and the trans community. In the former there is a growing call to “take the T out of LGBT”. In some ways the trans community is an affront to the gay community, such as encouraging children to be trans rather than accept  being gay. Fundamentally these two movements have little in common – except that post-modern activists see them both as foils to subvert the values and institutions of western liberal democracy. For them the cause is secondary to the main purpose, which is revolution. As Andrew Sullivan has written, to the “liberationists” at the heart of the activist camp, politics is “almost always authoritarian…a strange confluence of political abdication and psychological violence.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

male and female, no in between.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Dianne Skoll said...

Fred, you're basically full of crap.

No parent *wants* their child to be trans. That's nonsensical. Parents of trans children typically react with anguish and disbelief. It's only after persistent distress on the part of the child that a child is diagnosed as trans.

You used to be in a marginalized group, but are no longer. So you celebrate your privilege by sticking it to some other marginalized group, which is very, very sad.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is overlap. My current "girlfriend" finally accepted she was really trans (m2f) after years of originally trying to just be 'male and gay'.

Put another way suppression in childhood of ALL "unacceptable" sexual and gender identity issues made it unclear what the real issues really were.

The problem is that just like with the gay community, there are groups who seem to have decided that they speak for the entire community and want to sometimes drag them along some other left wing narrative which doesn't make sense (like 'gays for palestine', ignoring the fact that if you are gay and living in 90% sunni muslim palestine you'll be thrown off a building to your death just like in iran and saudi arabia) claiming all oppressed groups by default should stick together. Even those that have nothing in common.

The overlap of sex orientation issues and gender orientation issues is not perfect or exact, but it is definately alot more than say the example above. Nobody wants to become a diluted catchall of anything and everything outside the norm but 'hyperpuritanism' to make it gay only seems an overreaction.

2:02 AM  

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