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Friday, March 25, 2005

Another Example of Eco-Imperialism

Here's a story I wish would get more publicity. The Rain Action Network (RAN) is putting pressure on J.P. Morgan Chase to change its lending practices in the developing world.And, how are they putting pressure on the bank? Well, they've gone right to the home town of the bank's CEO. They've put up "Wanted" posters, and they've gone to his neighbours and friends.

Well, at least there's no violence.

Unfortunately, RAN has forced some other banks like Citigroup and Bank of America to cave.

J.P. Morgan Chase has so far held out against some of RAN's more appalling tactics like rounding up second graders from Mr. Harrison's hometown in December, and transporting them to J.P. Morgan Chase's Manhattan headquarters to protest the bank during school hours -- a stunt aptly described by Terence Corcoran of Canada's National Post as "ideological child abuse."
RAN and other environmental activists are typically against any sort of development - despite what local residents think. Paul Driessen, author of "Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death" - which I heartily endorse - wrote of a good example in India's Gujarat province. Environmentalists managed to stop a dam that would provide electricity for 5,000 villages, irrigation water for crops and clean water for 35 million people.

Please read Mr. Driessen's book. It's a good, quick read and makes some excellent points on corporate governance.