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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Current's Anti-US Drivel

Ever listen to The Current on CBC in the morning, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti???? If you do, you know that on just about every show you can count on an anti-American segment. Here is an excerpt from the show on March 16th:
It's Wednesday March 16.

George Bush is maneuvering a bill through the Senate that would allow companies to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

The US President says technology has made it possible to extract the oil from the refuge without damaging the environment.

Currently, the breakthrough for the Administration came after the successful development of a tiny drill that sucks the oil out of seabirds. The technique was perfected after the Exxon Valdeez broke apart.

As a White House spokesperson put it: "There's still enough oil soaked seabirds up there to put a Hummer in every driveway."

This is The Current.
And, did the Current really seriously examine the issue of oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Nationalal Wildlife Refuge....well, they had about 3 speakers, and one song, against...and one proponent. Couldn't the CBC even try to have some serious debate?