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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ex-Bureaucrat defrauds: Gets New Job!

How's this for a story. This was in the Ottawa Citizen ex-bureaucrat who was charged with defrauding Health Canada (and being fired for a conflict of interest) has been working at Elections Canada for the last seven months.

The RCMP charged her with fraud in 2003, and she still continued to keep a security clearance!
Elections Canada confirms Ms. Dirks provided hiring advice as a consultant hired through an agency from Aug. 17, 2004, until March 4, when she ended the contract. At the time Elections Canada hired Ms. Dirks, she was facing one count of fraud for what the RCMP allege was a scheme in which federal funds earmarked for native health care were instead used to pay a salary to the son of her boss, Paul Cochrane, the ex-Health Canada assistant deputy minister.
Earlier this month, Mr. Cochrane pleaded guilty to defrauding the government and was sentenced to one year in jail, plus two years' probation.