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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Political Correctness....

In April, parents, teachers and students at Berkeley's Thomas Jefferson Public school will vote whether to change the school's name because Jefferson owned slaves.
Teacher Marguerite Hughes, part of a group that began pushing for the change two years ago via petition, said, "It's an awkward position to ask African-American children and teachers to celebrate a historical figure who was a slave-owner." Of course, as products of the California educational system, it's unlikely the students have a clue who Jefferson is.
Is this vote really necessary? Do these parents, teacher and students really understand the importance of Thomas Jefferson?
This will not be the first name change at a Berkeley school. In the late 1990s a school named for Christopher Columbus was rebuilt as Rosa Parks Elementary, and more recently Abraham Lincoln Elementary was changed to Malcolm X. Since Lincoln opposed slavery his sin must have been the fact he was a Republican.