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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nonsense from Buzz Hargrove...

Buzz Hargrove has an op-ed in today's National Post on Sexism. Here's the key quote:
A clear barometer of the democratic deficit is the gross under-representatioin of women in elected public office. Women make up 52% of the population, but hold only 21% of the seats in the House of Commons."
What Hargrove misses is that this 52% of the population could elect as many women as they want - but, in fact, women vote for competence, not for gender. And, it's a canard that you must proportionately have the same amount of women (or any ethnicity) in the House as in the population. The plain fact of the matter is that each riding must either have a man or woman...and they must represent both halves of the population.