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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Palestinian Authority has "Prootocols" on its web site...

Hard to believe - but the Palestinian Authority's official State Information Service has a translation of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on its web site.
ADL's Israel Office issued the following statement:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the classic in racist and paranoid literature and has been heralded by anti-Semites around the world as proof that the Jews are plotting to take over the world. While The Protocols have been thoroughly discredited the document is still being used to stir up anti-Semitic hatred especially throughout the Arab world.

It is simply unacceptable particularly at this time of confidence building toward a better future between Israelis and Palestinians for the official Palestinian Authority Web site to display this hoax, which continues to poison and frighten minds. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas should immediately have this document stricken from the Web site for which he is ultimately responsible and devote space to explaining the origins of this dastardly and dangerous piece.

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