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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

From the mailbag...

You know, I get three types of e-mail from readers. First, I get e-mail from gays who get upset that I am conservatives. Second, I get e-mail from conservatives who are upset that I am gay. Last, I do get lots of nice e-mails from people who like the blog.

Well, here's an e-mail I received today of the first type.
Sorry- can't imagine why any thinking gay person would call themselves 'right wing' (the jesus freakers scare the bejasus out of me.)
Well, I do consider myself a person of the right....but my arguments aren't religious at all. I am an atheist.

What I like about the right is that it's a very big tent...big enough for all sorts of people. And, I'll keep saying it...there is no liberal gene for gay people.

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