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Monday, June 27, 2005

How low can Stephen Harper Go?

Now, Stephen Harper is claiming that the same-sex marriage legislation will not have legitimacy because it is supported by the bloc.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper raised hackles in the House of Commons Monday after saying Canadians won't feel the same-sex marriage law is legitimate because it will only pass with the support of a separatist party.

Members of Parliament began final debate on Bill C-38 on Monday, the start of what is expected to be the final week before the House of Commons breaks for the summer.

With support expected from the NDP, Bloc Québécois and most Liberals, the bill establishing the Civil Marriage Act could pass before the weekend.

The Tory leader said Monday that the bill will pass only because the Liberals made a deal with the Bloc.

"I think it will lack legitimacy for a lot of Canadians," said Harper. "The truth is, most federalist MPs will oppose this legislation."
However, Harper had no problems with trying to bring down the government with support of the bloc. I mean one could have made the same argument - a majority of federalist MPs wanted the government to stay alive....