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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How low will Alberta go?

Earlier this week, we saw Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper denounce the vote on gay marriage as illegitimate because it didn't get a majority of 'federalist votes'. Now, the Alberta government is going to do something crazy to delay the inevitable.
Alberta's fight to stop gay marriages has been lost, but the justice minister suggested the province may not be ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Ron Stevens said Wednesday that the province is considering going to court to challenge the new federal law that allows gay marriages -- even though it knows it will lose the case.

Stevens, who admits personally that he believes such resistance is futile, said the province's government services minister could ask the court to clarify whether the federal law takes precedence over provincial law.

"I know what the outcome will be because the federal legislation, when it becomes law, will determine what marriage is,'' he said. "It will take precedence to the definition that we have in our marriage act.''

When he was asked why the province would bother going to court when it already knows the outcome, Stevens noted there is a political side to the issue which he declined to discuss.
So, he'll file a useless lawsuit to show his supporters he's serious? Is that it?