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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I love it when this happens...

So-called multiculturalists don't like it when people from other cultures disagree with them.
An Ottawa police detective who gives sexual harassment sensitivity training to taxi drivers was accused of being insensitive herself for suggesting that some cultures don't treat women with the respect they warrant, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Det. Theresa Kelm is charged with explaining to drivers what constitutes acceptable behavior toward women in Canada (search) and what types of actions or remarks cross the line into harassment or assault.

"Some of this behavior may be acceptable in the countries they are from," Det. Kelm told an interviewer. "Our message to them is that it's not acceptable here, and it won't be tolerated."

The comment was made in a story about a cab driver who was convicted of sexually assaulting a female passenger, the third case of its kind in the Ottawa area in the past year.

Yousef Al Mezel (search), president of the union that represents Ottawa taxi drivers, called the comment racist because it implied that Canadian culture was superior to that of other countries in terms of its attitude toward women.

A police spokeswoman said the idea that in some countries disrespect of women is acceptable "does not reflect the views of the Ottawa Police Service."