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Monday, July 25, 2005

London police acted as they should...

According to the Israelis...
Israel has become increasingly successful at disarming suicide bombers with help from robots and bombproof rooms. But if all else fails, security forces have shoot-to-kill orders, and experts say London police acted within reason in killing an innocent man.

Israel's most recent capture was over the weekend, when high-tech sensors on a security fence signalled that someone had infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Hours later, a would-be suicide bomber was found with five-kilograms of explosives strapped to his waist. Security forces instructed the Palestinian teenager to remove the bomb belt and surrender. He complied and was taken alive.

"They decided that first of all he has to be caught," said Zeev Schiff, a military analyst for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz. "Had he resisted or made a wrong move, they would have killed him."

Israel's experience has been painfully acquired: more than 100 Palestinian suicide bombers have killed hundreds of people over the past five years.

But while the preference is to capture suspects alive for their intelligence value, Israeli police and soldiers, like other security forces, have clear instructions to kill if necessary -- just as London police did Friday when they shot a Brazilian electrician suspected of being a bomber.