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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Women and the BBC

A nice row in the UK over feminization of the BBC.
In a forthcoming polemical programme on Five, he provides more criticism of his long-time employer, arguing that television is perpetuating a feminisation of society.

"Look at the way we have so many lifestyle programmes - aimed at a female audience - at the expense of current affairs and documentaries," he said. "And look at how men are continually portrayed in adverts, drama and sit-coms as clueless and idiotic."

Buerk's views echoed comments last October by Alasdair Milne, a former director-general, who complained that the dominance of women at the BBC was to blame for too many "dumb, dumb, dumb" lifestyle and makeover shows.

Ford said Buerk should have looked at the BBC 30 years ago when it was dominated so much by men that when she and Angela Rippon started reading the news, it made headlines. "If you've been subjugated for 2,000 years, it's your turn. It's about time things changed but Michael Buerk hasn't kept up," she said.

The presenter Joan Bakewell described Buerk's diatribe, published in the Radio Times, as a "hoot".

"He says men have been associated with the traits of reticence, stoicism and single-mindedness. But the ones I associate with them are competitiveness, confrontation and aggression," she said.

Bakewell said she had welcomed the rising profile of women executives at the BBC after decades of "patriarchy".

"Women are more conciliatory and conscientious. Michael has benefited from working with women who are not simply after his job."
Patriarchy? My god, there is no such thing!