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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Animal Rights Fascists strike again....

I sure hope this doesn't come to North America, but I have my suspicions that it will.
Animal rights activists have launched a fresh wave of attacks, targeting a senior pharmaceutical executive and an Oxford college.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility yesterday for a device left outside the home of Paul Blackburn, the corporate controller of Britain's biggest pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Animal Liberation Front protester
ALF activist protests in Cambridge yesterday

A device containing fuel had been left on Mr Blackburn's porch, a GSK spokesman said. It is understood that Mr Blackburn was abroad at the time, but his wife and daughter were at the house. The device caused only minor damage.

A posting on the ALF website Biteback said it was responsible for the attack, which had been carried out because GSK was a customer of the animal testing group Huntingdon Life Sciences.

"GSK, we realise that this may not be enough to make you stop using HLS but this is just the beginning," the post said. "We have identified and tracked down many of your senior executives and also junior staff, as well as those from other HLS customers. Drop HLS or you will face the consequences. For all the animals inside HLS, we will be back."

Anti-vivisectionists also attacked an Oxford college sports pavilion as a protest against a primate laboratory being built by the university. Police were called to a sports pavilion on the Abingdon Road, owned by Corpus Christi College, on Saturday.

Sources close to the university said the device was disabled and little damage was done. However, the ALF claimed that it had spent the past 15 months researching the university and threatened to destroy all of its property if it did not stop building the facility to house animals for research on South Park Road.

"We know every weakness you have," the ALF website said. "You have people within your ranks acting against you. You cannot build the South Park lab without incurring massive losses. We are stronger than you, we have more resolve than you and we never give up!

"If we have to destroy every bit of property you own we will, in order to stop you inflicting your profit-driven cruelties on defenceless creatures. You cannot stop us, we are free to attack you at will, whenever and wherever."