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Saturday, September 24, 2005

More immigrants to come to Canada...

The Government wants to drastically increase immigration levels.
In a bid to counteract Canada's declining birthrate and aging population, the federal government is looking at a dramatic boost in immigration — up to 100,000 additional newcomers each year.

The increase, part of a new immigration plan to be unveiled next month, means Canada would open its doors to 320,000 immigrants a year by the time the plan is fully implemented in five years.

Canada accepted 235,000 permanent residents last year, within its target range of 220,000 to 245,000 new residents per year.
I have no problem with immigration, but I would hope that the Government would have some research identifying which immigrants do well in Canada. For instance, I doubt we need more immigrants from Jamaica (Over 1,000 murders a year in Jamaica) or Somalia. It's time for the Government to understand who does well in the Canadian environment and focus on bringing those people to Canada. You'd think the Government would have a handle on success/failure of different groups of immigrants, no?