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Sunday, September 18, 2005

What about Canadian sites?

I bet Canadian sites are available too.
Terrorists and "rogue state" intelligence agencies could be making use of free internet satellite images that leave sensitive British military facilities exposed, defence experts said yesterday.

The warnings follow the launch of Google Earth, a free-to-use website which uses pictures from a variety of satellites around the world.

Satellite image of The Pentagon
The Pentagon, as seen from a commercial satellite

But while the US-based company has obscured sensitive US locations such as the White House, British military bases and other sensitive sites have not been censored.

Vulnerable targets include GCHQ, the Faslane submarine base on the Clyde and Fairford airfield, Gloucestershire, used by U2 spy planes.

"This is an artilleryman's dream," said Patrick Mercer, shadow minister for homeland security, yesterday. "Faslane and Selafield all have no-fly zones - and for good reason. I see no reason why the Government should not speak to Google and make sure details of national security do not appear."

Although the quality of images vary according to the satellite used, in the UK it is possible to make out individual cars parked on driveways.

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