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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alberta goes a little crazy....

It's bad enough we go after people who smoke marijuana....this is going way over the top.
The Alberta government is trying some drastic new measures to battle a growing problem. The province is preparing a new law that would allow it to seize children from parents who are either addicted to drugs or involved in the drug trade.

Children's Services Minister Heather Forsyth is developing the legislation, which is expected to be introduced in the legislature next spring. If passed, it will be the first legislation of its kind in Canada.

Forsyth says there are four situations in which children will be removed from a home: "If they are involved in a grow op situation, if they are involved in a meth house, if there is drug trafficking or if there's drug use being involved."
Would they take kids away from parents who are on tobacco? On alcohol? On painkillers? The only time children should be taken from their parents is when there is clear evidence of physical abuse...I hope the Province asks itself whether they have homes for additional children.


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Blogger ferrethouse said...

A friend of mine moved to the Netherlands to work for Philips electronics. He had to return to Miami for rehab. He never smoked pot before he arrived their. Condoning pot smoking by legalizing would be a huge mistake. I lived in Belgium for several years and spent a fair amount of time in Holland. People like to glamourize how "liberal" they are there. There is nothing glamourous about walking the streets of Den Hague at 10:30pm.

8:38 PM  
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