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Friday, October 28, 2005

Major environmentalist warns of global warming...

One of North America's top scientists, Leonardo DiCaprio was just on Oprah's show and warned us about global warming.
Leonardo DiCaprio appeared yesterday at Oprah's chat show and warned Americans about the dangers of global warming. He said that the last year's hurricanes and tsunamis are just a terrifying forewarning of what is to come.

The Titanic star is taking these things seriously. He even mentioned figures, saying that America, which boasts five per cent of the world's population, produces 25 per cent of the globe's carbon emissions.

Leo’s attitude prompted Oprah to tell him: “You feel like NOAH (biblical character who built an arc in preparation for a great flood) to me - you're like, 'Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention.'”
Yes, but isn't the US a huge part of the world economy - so one would expect a high level of emissions. Glad that we have a modern-day Noah in our midst.


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