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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Global Warming?

Source: The Guardian.

Now, I'm not saying that Europe's cold spell has anything to do with disproving global warming. But, we all know the opposite - a heat spell in summer is certainly proof of global warming, no?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global warming isn't about everyone getting hot and sweaty, it's about the melting of the polar ice caps and disruption of weather systems, thus resulting in unusual and catastrophic weather patterns. Personally i get pissed off when people call it global warming, as it should really be global climate change...

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Mark the Masshole said...

well i get pissed off when people talk about "global climate change" as if it's some man-made new phenomena. how are we going to adversely affect our climate in only 100 yrs, that the planet has been doing(fine w/o us thank you) for millions, with no potential for us to reverse it? Are we, as people, so inlove with ourselves, so egotistical? Remember, we are emerging from a small ice age not much more than 100 yrs past. This is all"white man's guilt" fomented by our marxist "friends".

8:46 PM  

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