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Monday, November 28, 2005

Iran says Fuck You....

As I expected earlier, Iran has rejected the Russian compromise.
Iran rejected late Monday European requests that it move parts of its nuclear enrichment program out of the country and allow enrichment of uranium to be carried out in Russia.

The EU-3 – France, Germany, and the United Kingdom – which suspect that Tehran’s nuclear program is for military purposes and are negotiating with Iran to reach a solution, had suggested that the Islamic Republic carry out uranium enrichment – the precursor for the development of an atomic bomb – in Russia to alleviate international fears that it was developing a nuclear weapon.

In a major concession, British, French, and German Foreign Ministers – Jack Straw, Philippe Douste-Blazy, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier respectively – recently lifted their objections to Tehran’s resumption of enrichment-related activities in its Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in Isfahan, central Iran, in the hopes of getting Tehran to return to the negotiating table. Since September, negotiations between the EU-3 and Tehran had stalled after the latter unilaterally breached their agreement by recommencing work at Isfahan.

On Monday, however, Hossein Entezami, the spokesman for Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), told the state news agency IRNA that the “entire process of uranium enrichment must be conducted inside Iran”. The SNSC is the body in charge of Tehran’s nuclear negotiations with the West.

“The country's high-ranking officials intend to have the full cycle of nuclear fuel production in our own soil, in other words, they want Iran to join the world nuclear club”, Entezami said. “When we talk about the entire cycle of producing the nuclear fuel inside Iran we mean all stages of enrichment need to be conducted in this country relying on technical knowledge of Iranian experts”.
Isn't time for the international community to act???


Blogger marc780 said...

Iranians. I remember they were rioting in our own country when the Shah was kicked out in 1979. Another group of Moslem extremist.
They sit on top of the worlds greatest supply of oil. And in the same breath they say "we need nukes...for power plants." Anybody buyin this one.
Theyre a bunch of robotic moslem idiots, who cannot fathom democracy, and the likes of which we are trying to exterminate now. And failing.
These Iranian shitheads deserve whatever happens to them. (and they kill gays.)

6:57 AM  

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