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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Scaremongering with AIDs...

Check out this Toronto Star article. It just scaremongers - perhaps the UN got incorrect data. But, look at this:
While the number of annual AIDS cases has dropped in Canada from 1,776 10 years ago to 237 last year due to antiretroviral treatments, a growing proportion are among black and aboriginal Canadians, the report says.
Yes, true, but so what? It's still a very small number. And, there were only 60 deaths.

And take a look at this:
Almost 58,000 people in Canada have been diagnosed with HIV, a 20 per cent rise in the past five years, with women accounting for a quarter of new cases, the United Nations says.
Where on earth did they get the 58,000 number from? Well, if you go the Public Health Agency report, you'll note that there have been 57,674 positive HIV test reports from 1985 - 2004. This is 20 years of data!


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