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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Norwegian county to boycott Israel...

We've been watching anti-Israel activity for quite some time in, this is not surprising, but still is disappointing.
A Norwegian county parliament voted last week to boycott products from Israel, because of the country’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories. This new law has outraged local Jewish groups.

The county of Soer-Trondelag voted on 16 December to boycott Israeli goods, making it the first Norwegian region to cut economic relations with the Jewish state.

Torill Skaerseth, a board representative from the far-left Red Electoral Alliance, said she hopes the boycott will be taken over by other Norwegian provinces.

"We see Israel as an occupying force that could be compared with the apartheid regime in South Africa," she told the regional newspaper “Adresseavisen”. "We also want to campaign for the people of Soer Trondelag to also boycott."


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