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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stop harping about domestic spying...

A nice, short column by Dick Morris on why the democrats should stop harping on using the NSA for spying on terrorists.
For example, in 2002 the federal government tipped off the New York City Police Department that there was a lot of chatter about the Brooklyn Bridge. The resulting police tactics stopped the attack and eventually led to the apprehension of the would-be bomber.

What warrant could the anti-terror investigators have gotten to allow such a search? They had no name, no phone numbers, no idea of what to look for. But a careful analysis of the data averted a massive tragedy.

Politically, the left is making a big mistake in focusing on the issue. Bush is well-served by bringing the terrorism debate home. Isolationists — about 40 percent of the nation, divided between the two parties — will not back him on a war in Iraq but sure will support him against attempts to handcuff homeland security in the name of privacy or civil liberties. By raising this issue — and the concomitant issue of the Patriot Act renewal — the Democrats are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Iraq is a winner for the left. Homeland security is a loser.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue isn't domestic spying, it's abuse of process and power. There is a system by which warrants could be secretly and very rapidly obtained, which Bush chose to disregard in favour of what is an impeachable offense. I am a libertarian, probably far more right wing than you, and i found this abuse to be the most horrific thing to come out of the administration. It is a violation of the constitution in spirit if not letter, not to mention an indicator of the "big government - big brother" philosophy which dominates the Bush administration. War on terror or not, impeach the bastard.

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