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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Criticizing the Liberals...

One of the comments on a recent post begged me to criticize the Liberals for once. Well, just this weekend I already blogged that I couldn'te vote for the Liberals no matter what. And, that's true. I don't see the huge need to criticize them - their corruption is well known. Not much I can add to that.

I'm much more interested in a conservative alternative. I want a conservative government for Canada. But, I want a conservative government that would respect the dignit of gay couples. A conservative government that is not afraid of speaking directly to the gay community. A conservative government that is not afraid of political correctness and can speak out to many of the issues I have talked about in this blog (see my post on the 7 issues the Conservatives won't touch).

Many people have suggested that I vote or join the NDP. Sorry, I hate socialism. I want lower taxes, a smaller Federal government, an end to bilingualism as we know it, equal parenting for divorced couples, a sane policy on aboriginals, an end to coddling Quebec, a return to the merit principle for hiring in the Government, a end to hate-crime legislation combined with more support for free speech, an end to supply management, etc.

Fortunately, the Conservative party has a big tent! But, I will keep pushing for support for the diginity for gay couples. It's an important issue for me...and I hope for you.


Blogger Brian Lemon said...

How do you define "dignity for gay couples"?
Is this determined by how you are treated as a human being by another person or an institution? Whether people are straight and honest with you, and non-patronizing in their approach? Whether people listen to your concerns, respond honestly with their viewpoint and accept yours as being sincere?
Is it a commitment to respect and protect your rights and to ensure that you, as a person in a committed same sex relationship have exactly the same financial and legal rights in your relationship as a two gender relationship has (whether leagally married or common law)?
Or is the only symbol of dignity that you demand, the ability to confirm your relationship under the category of "marriage".
In chats with gay friends on SSM, I have had just as many people say they're pissed off at the desire for same sex marriage to be recognized as those that support it. A lot of these folks have fought all their lives to establish positions of respect in the general community which totally disregards and ignores the opinions and conventions of traditional society. For them, demanding that conventionalists recognize SSM is a step backward.
I don't see recognition of SSM as being a big deal - it affects directly only a few thousand people. And almost everyone with a socially conscious brain is prepared to accept the fact that SS couples canoodle and some want to stay together forever with all that that means. But for the vast majority of gay men and lesbian women, marriage is not wanted (evidenced by the couple of thousand marriages from a gay/lesbian population that likely is more than a million).
All that being said, Cheers

1:45 PM  
Blogger ferrethouse said...

How do you define "dignity for gay couples"?

These people don't help...

3:00 PM  
Anonymous joe lamerde said...

ferrethouse - what do have against gays with wings?

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You mentioned before that your Conservative candidate supports Gay Marriage.

So I guess that means you're voting Conservative?

4:19 PM  
Blogger ferrethouse said...

ferrethouse - what do have against gays with wings?

lol. i think gay pride parades detract from the dignity of gays. flaunting sexuality in public is no way to earn dignity. i had a picture of two naked gay guys in toronto's gay pride parade but opted against posting it here - so i went with this one.

4:47 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

How do I define dignity for gay couples? The same rights and privileges as straight people, pure and simple. And, that only comes with same-sex marriage.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Ottawa Core said...

well thanks for coming out for the principals of conservativism fred. i surmised that foremost in your post is the "issue" of your sexuality. what's the big deal?

you state that you want a conservative government BUT. that key term seems as if it is a qualifier which would prevent you from voting for the candidate you are working for. does mr fountain know how hesitant you are as it regards your perception about the conservatives respecting the "dignity" of gay couples?

have you had mr fountain address the gay community in ottawa? i won't define your job, my assumption is that your position as communications director would be an admirable position to initiate debates which could clarify the issue, if not solidify a base of politically active gays who don't buy into the spin that the conservatives are anti homo-sexual. you said it yourself. it's a big tent which doesn't exclude anyone.

you would be in a perfect position in that respect. so why the hesitation? why not bring the gay community on board?

ya wanna know why? cause the gay community is just like the straight community. there are gay assholes and gay friends. they can't be pigeon holed to vote en masse just like any other category of citizens out there. that's racist and anyone who thinks they can be brought on board as a "class" is a pig.

so, the real issue is, as a gay man you have reservations about your treatment because you think you should be treated differently. if you aren't gonna get your pink skin recognized as a special case you're gonna hold out for something better. maybe make yourself another nation just like the fucking whiners in quebec.

well, i'm sorry, inclusionary big tent or not, special cases mean 30 million people decide through their representatives just who gets cut a cheque. your status as a new form of humanity doesn't cut it. read your history my brother.

your respect won't come from a reflection. it doesn't come from imposing your way. it comes from within. it's everyone's choice as a human being to love or hate you as you are. you are as free as i am. no more no less.

conservative ideology? don't fuck with the definition of marriage.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Road Hammer said...

The bottom line here, Ottawa Core, is that Fred deserves the same courtesy from those who disagree with him that he gives to those who he disagrees with. That is not a lot to ask, especially since you consider yourself to be part of the same political "family" as he.

Let me ask you this. Do you not think it took a lot of guts for Fred to hitch his wagon to the Tory party? Do you not think that he takes a lot of heat from people he knows in the gay community for being a Conservative? You may say that the party is a big tent but your profanity, dismissive tone and comparison of Fred to a "whiner from Quebec" and calling him part of a "new form of humanity" would lead others to draw a different conclusion, I'm afraid.

I think that you have done yourself and your party a massive disservice by not acknowledging Fred's right to an opinion and the legitimacy of that opinion, whether you agree with it or not. And when you hear from family and friends that the Tories are not politically mature enough to be trusted with the keys to 24 Sussex, don't blame the left-wing media or the stupidity of the Canadian voter. Take a look in the mirror instead.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous joe lamerde said...

Ottawa Core - "conservative ideology? don't fuck with the definition of marriage."

The Conservative Party's official postion is a free vote on Same Sex Issue (and other matters of social conscience) - saying otherwise is lying!

6:55 PM  
Blogger Brian Lemon said...

Re: How do I define dignity for gay couples? The same rights and privileges as straight people, pure and simple. And, that only comes with same-sex marriage.

But according to your comment, only Gay couples who live in Holland, Belgium and now, Canada, can have any dignity.
Are there not any Gay couples anywhere else in the world who have dignity?
Furthermore, those Gay friends who I have spoken with on this issue believe that imposing gay marriage on their relationshop is an insult to their dignity. That their dignity is defined by them, not by the courts or traditionalists who they have rebelled against for a generation.
As a person (not as a Conservative)I fully and absolutely respect your right to have a committed relationship with anyone you choose. And I fully believe that in such a relationship you should have the rights of inheritance, rights to pensions, and rights to spousal support as would a dual sex couple. So does The CPC and Stephen Harper.
This doesn't necessarily require the application of the word "marriage" to refer to your committed relationship.

9:04 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

I actually took Keith campaigning in gay bars in Ottawa Centre, and Keith has advertised in the gay newspaper, Capital Xtra. He is looking forward to partipating in the all-candidates debate for the gay community on January 6th. Hope to see you there.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the way to assure that there is accurate representation of the broad range of conservatives is to go back to what was lost: two or more right wing parties. The old PC party was far less objectionable and scary, plus more hospitable to dissent. The old Reform was an excellent representative voice for the west. Hell, toss in the ecocapitalist Greens for shits and giggles and you might have a hope in hell of having a welcome umbrella for conservatives of all stripes.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Ottawa Core said...

firstly, let's see if i can explain for road hammer his misinterpretation of my comments.

what may appear "to you" as a reproach to fred for being gay is not my intent. far from it. you don't have to berate me personally for your inability to read. fred, as a gay man, doesn't have to defend himself for the courage and respect afforded him for acknowledging his sexuality. without being gay yourself, your perspective on what any gay man must put up with every day of their life in our collective society is mere lip service. thanks anyway. fred has picked up on the courage and perspective i referred to and posted an image of an ancient depiction of a gay couple. yeah, it goes back farther than that. try reading what is there, don't assume any discussion on gay issues should elicit more reactionary jock shit (oops, more profanity). care to have another hissy fit? now that is dismissive. i could say more but i'm sure your brain would fuck that up too. go away.

the overall gist of my post was to defend against the need for liberal gay activists, i don't think fred falls into that category, who demand a legal right to marry. yes, it's an emotional issue, not because i am homophobic, but because i am conservative. being a conservative, as i live it, obviates a firm belief to NOT have the government dictate social behaviour or response. anyone heard of political correctness?

no matter the issue. you do what you do, it's your choice. in a free and democratic society, one which we've not had for some while under the socialist liberals, all colours of the rainbow can enjoy the life they make...without need for support from the government. we know what governments do with more money. hands in your pocket, hands in your pocket.

it is my position to afford all peoples their rights. no special status for sexual preference, orientation, choice or however the liberal spin word-of-the-day defines it. the problem many gays have with conservative ideology is that we are all so steeped with the socially engineered cottling that we have all come to expect the same sor of treatment from any and all governments.

the conservative government is not going to remove your rights. you're there, you're a citizen, you're free. enjoy more.

i don't speak for the Conservative Party of Canada. anyone who does, especially an EDA communications director, should, from his responsible position be able to address issues and provide answers from that perspective. i'm not reading that from fred's blog. if fred's not sure what the party's ideas are on this matter, outside the talking points, i would suggest he become more aware before he succumb to the liberal scare tactics. i would certainly appreciate a gay conservative not being an oxymoron.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is important to see clearly what Mr. Harper has done with the same sex marriage issue. First, he has cynically exploited his own anti-SSM supporters by promising a "free vote" that will be meaningless. Message: Harper is lying to his own people here.

Second, he is exploiting anti-gay bigotry, which in rather a racist way he assumes runs deeper in immigrant communities than elsewhere. Third, and worst of all, he is fomenting anti-gay bigotry by using the SSM question as code for "the gays aren't good enough to have the same rights." Every gay high school kid who hears the official Tory position understands that s/he is considered less of a person than his/her straight neighbour. That is just the plain truth.

If you don't think Harper is doing this, ask yourself: just what IS he doing here?

Maybe you're not gay, so you don't think this is such a big deal. I'm not gay either, but if you live in Canada you should ask yourself: "what kind of country you want to live in?" My very young child has already asked me if she can marry her best friend (they're both girls). I've been able to say "yes, if you both want to when you're grown up" because that's the beautiful truth about this country. That is plainly NOT a truth which Mr. Harper is prepared to endorse - he'd rather exploit the fear and hatred of that truth.

I am a formerly ardent supporter of the reform conservative cause, but I find it impossible to give my vote to a Party prepared to inflame this bigotry in order to pull votes. Every one of you ready to mark the ballot beside your Tory candidate, and that includes good old Fred in Ottawa, really should reflect on this.

good luck and God bless

12:22 PM  

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