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Friday, February 24, 2006

More fear in the UK....

Yes..from the so-called Animal Liberation Front...
A leading scientific figure billed to speak at a pro-animal research rally in Oxford today has said he is worried about reprisals from anti-vivisectionists.

Dr Simon Festing, of the Research Defence Society, said that since the Animal Liberation Front had already declared "virtual war" on Oxford he feared the worst.

"It is difficult to predict what might happen, but their tactics in the past have included violence and arson," he said.

Dr Festing will be joined by Oxford MP Evan Harris and neurology professor Tipu Aziz on today's Pro-Test march, which is expected to draw students and supporters in their hundreds.

The march will support Oxford University's building of a new laboratory, which will house some animals for research. Construction of the laboratory, in South Parks Road, has already been delayed once by threats from animal rights activists.

Builders wear masks to hide their faces from campaigners from Speak - a group which claims to consist of lawful animal protesters. ALF, however, has admitted attacks on a college boathouse, cars belonging to a firm involved in building for the university and a series of threatening letters to builders in the area. Its spokesman, Robin Webb, said Oxford was now the focus of all animal rights activity, and that anyone associated with the university was a legitimate target.


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