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Friday, April 21, 2006

Buy this book today!

Bruce Bawer is a gay man who has written a tremendous book about radical islam and Europe.

I'm about two-thirds through this book, and I can't put it down. Bawer learnt Dutch and Norwegian and lived in the Netherlands and Norway. He provides a very good account of the threat to Europe from within, but his journey in European life is fascinating. Like many Americans, he went to Europe with an attitude that Europe would be so much more cosmopolitan, so much more civilized, etc. But, Bawer had a rude awakening and found many ways that American culture is superior (like the ability to integrate immigrants).

This book is well-writen and I strong recommend you go out and buy it today. I can't say it more clearly. The book will also make you angry, as you see first-hand how the press in Europe is far more monolithic than the press in the US (Bawer found that the newspapers in Norway range from the far left to the near left); that the Europeans have a hard time with immigration; and that Jews still make them uncomfortable.

This book is not a scholarly text. But, it's a good emotional plea for Europe to wake up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also in Ottawa -- and also currently reading While Europe Slept -- very thought provoking. Bawer presents a perspective that is for the most part not reflected in MSM.

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