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Monday, June 12, 2006

A dialogue with Imam Hindy....

I received today via e-mail an exchange of e-mail to and from Imam Hindy in Toronto.

First, here is the letter that was sent to him:
Mr. Aly Hindy,

I just finished reading some quotes in the Ottawa Citizen that have been attributed to you, regarding the foiled terrorist plot, re: “ Imam claims charges homegrown baloney”. You claim that this is an attack on the Muslim community. I would appreciate a response, please, clarifying this statement, as I do not understand what you mean.

Also, if you could help me to understand how we are abusing our boys for the sake of pleasing President George W. Bush, it would enlighten an obviously uninformed Canadian. Mr. Hindy, the federal employees of the Canadian forces of CSIS and the RCMP are by no means conjuring up falsehoods in fear of becoming unemployed. The Muslim community nation wide in all communities needs to understand and accept responsibility for the actions of their community and the most important, influential factor is for their leadership, Mr. Hindy, to encourage peace always. Part of the action to promote peaceful living is to acknowledge, without bitterness those who would choose violent behaviour against their fellow Canadians, and to ask that they be punished, if found guilty, of these most unacceptable crimes.

Please take note that Canadians are free loving and a kind-hearted people who wish to live in peace. We are not interested in having foreign grievances planted on our doorstep by ANYONE. I would hope that as a man in a leadership role of the Muslim community in Canada, you would consider a more thoughtful and considerate reply, when representing you, your mosque and your community in the future.

And, here is his response:
Dear Ms. xxx:

I thank you for your e-mail.

First of all when you talk about Canadians, you sound like you are from the Canadian people, but not myself or the those being accused of terrorism.

I have to tell you I love Canada and invested most of life in this country as much as you. I have contributed personally to many engineering projects in Ontario in the power generation Industry. I have also produced children and grand children that are Medical doctors, Engineers and Scientist that building this great Country of OURS. You have given me an unnecessary note.

Secondly, I have to tell you, that I receive and continue to receive e-mails and calls from many Canadians (Muslims and non-Muslims) that are very worried about the direction our country is taken. Mainly following the footsteps of the Neo-conservative government of USA. This policy of US, in case you do not know, is based on putting the population under constant fear of an imminent attack from an unknown enemy. The result is justifying military overseas adventures by attacking other nations to prevent possible attacks or "to go them before they come to us". This policy also resulted of suspension of many civil rights to American people including non-Muslims. In order to fully understand this it require from you some readings.

Thirdly, our government is pressured to help the American military operation overseas.

having said that, you can understand the intense pressure exerted on security agencies to produce some results in the war against terrorism..

Let us now examine the complete mess that the present government has made out of this case. By announcing these arrests in news conference and by comments made by the PM, Security Minster and other officials, the reputation of this government and our security apparatus is at stake in front of the whole world if those individual are found not guilty (which I believe so). What a judge (or Jury) would do if he (they) find those individuals are not guilty with the pressure from the government and media and Canada's reputation around the world.

If you look at the allegations, apart from criminal charges for 3 individuals of smuggling guns to be sold in Toronto lucrative market (Muslim community like any other community including yours have some criminals), the whole case of terrorism is hanging on one simple question. That is who & how those 3 tons of fertilizers.

If the government fails to prove the one of those individuals ordered the fertilizers, the whole case will fall apart.

Now I am asking you, why for the heaven sake the government did not wait until those guys bought the fuel oil and bring the wiring and the trucks and captured them red handed specially when the police already changed the fertilizers to an un-harmful material.

My friend the case is politically motivated specially the timing of the arrest.

The moment, I saw those individuals in the court, which I know nine of them, I realized that this case is made up. In no way by knowing the personality of some of those individuals, they can not be in this and they can not be together in a group.

I can assure you that we are peace loving people and one want to heart Canada what so ever.


Aly Hindy

N.B. You may find some disconnect in my writing because I wrote my reply in different times and still so busy to sit and response immediately.
I'm speechless.

What do you think about this exchange of ideas????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think the Imam is right. This case smacks of politics at best and of the most flagrant irresponsibility at worst. The jury pool has been contaminated beyond repair by statements from high up in the government, the lawyers have had little to no access to even their clients... this is a mistrial in the making. More than that, it's a political game with the lives of potentially innocent people. Or doesn't anyone believe in innocent until proven guilty anymore?

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Rico said...

The good Imam is full of shit.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous x2para said...

if you ever listen to this pinhead its quite obvious that he's nothing but an anti-american blowhard and a dupe of the jihadists; the real politicing has been by the lawyers for these shitballs and by iman appologists who never fail to get in a slur against the US

12:25 AM  
Anonymous maplesyrup said...

The iman is a racist. His whole tone reeks of hate for americans, police, government, etc. Iwonder to what extent he has indoctrinated his own children with his hate for everything non-islamic. Fortunately the vast majority of moslem Canadians do not support his evil view of the world. One can only wonder how much hate those arrested picked up from him.
After losing 3000 people in New York the americans have a right to be more than a bit paranoid about moslem extremists who kill their citizens all in Allah's name.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rational debate with savages is futile. Muslims are completely warped by their cult, obviously.

If they could all be convinced to see Allah(pig be upon him) today - courtesy of some tasty Jim Jones Kool Aid - that would be the ideal solution.

As it is we'll have to wait until the savages in Iran develop the A-bomb in order to give civilized countries the reason they need to nuke them. Oh well...

2:57 AM  
Blogger bigcitylib said...

The Imam is certainly correct about the fishy aspects of the case. He doesn't even mention the publication ban. The cops leak to the press for a week and then want a ban. Why are they fighting this case in the press?

6:54 AM  
Blogger Road Hammer said...

The Imam's comments are right out of the far left playbook as shown by those who are jumping to his defense.

There's always an excuse.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3000 in New York... so how bout 1 million in Rwanda? Does that justify a paranoid approach to a national group? 6 million in Eatern Europe... Would the Jews then be justified in a good preventative nuking of Germany?

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all those who want to know more of this individual, just google his name and wade into the hits the come back.

At the very least, he is a personal FRIEND of the Khadrs, has been the personal guarantor on a couple of "refugee" claimants court cases (including one who had been jailed in Egypt on possible terrosim charges), has also admitted (on television) to personally knowing I beleive 8 of the 17 suspects, and on and on....

Yet he is a favourite of the CBC and is constantly showing up on the "voice" of the Muslim community, in what amounts to nothing more than Western democracy and Bush bashing.

Why should anyone give a rats ass what he thinks??

I wonder what other info on Mr. Hindy will come to light in the future.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a thought on the perfect question to ask Mr. Hindy....

"Do you consider Al Zarqawi a MARTYR or a TERRORIST??"

I am sure he would not have a DIRECT response, but would go on a 5 minute convoluted tirade where the words Zionists & Bush would come up about a dozen times.

Oh...Heres another...

Ask him if the Sharia courts he favours so much for Ontario would have the authority to sentence homosexuals to death?? as occurs elsewhere where they are used. (2 teenage boys were recently hung in Iran for supposedly being caught in a homosexual act)

12:53 PM  
Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

What's so sad is this isn;t exactly shocking. It seems the norm.

11:49 AM  
Blogger The Commentator said...

Exchange of ideas? Oh dear, if Dante were alive today. It is painfully clear that there is a failure to understand American history and the American mindset and how Canada fits into this model. Designed to instill fear....please. That's Mid-East, far-left, conspiracy nonsense. Talk about failing to grasp things. 9/11 my friend, 9/11. And please for once refrain from the notion that 'Americans had this coming because of their foreign policy' position. We all know the story is a little deeper and points towards something independent of the Americans. And even if we do concede this argument, do two wrongs make a right? Dangerous moral equivalency we're talking about here. Things aren't perfect we all know this but to resort to tired, infantile musings is no better. Nothing like getting lectured about our history by people who truly know little of it. They refuse to accept the possibility that they need to look in the mirror. The Muslim world took a wrong turn at Des Moines and never looked backed. That's the sad hard truth. We're not against them but asking them to at least acknowledge it. Nor do ay of us dispute his Canadian pride. He needn't play that angle. What if.....what if....what if the RCMP and CSIS are right? And for the record, I know a few police officers. Off the record it is known some are up to no good in the Muslim community. That's a matter of fact. Now, it's their choice if they want to ignore it and hide behind an under siege mentality while pointing the mirror back at us telling Canadians are racist. But don't expect symapthy and understanding if an attack, God Forbid, was to ever happen here. Now go read proper history books and get to know the Americans. You'll be somewhat surprised to find that Chomsky and Dowd are myths.

2:32 PM  

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