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Friday, June 23, 2006

What is Bush thinking???

Even Sharansky is unhappy that Bush seems to be abandoning his push for democracy.
In recent months the emphasis on supporting the "growth of democratic movements and institutions" has waned for the White House. On Thursday, for example, Secretary of State Rice worked closely with Senator Biden, a Democrat of Delaware, to defeat a Senate amendment that would have authorized $100 million for the Iranian democracy movement and tightened sanctions against Iran, in part because of fears such a measure would scuttle negotiations with Iran over abandoning its uranium enrichment.
Look, I firmly believe that no matter what the US does, the Iranians are not going to go for any deal. We desperately need to fund the opposition to the current regime. Help!


Blogger Scubes said...

Why should American taxpayers cough up the dough for Iranian democracy? Isn't that something Iranians should pay for?

5:15 PM  

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