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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Al-Qaeda targets Spain....

Al-Qaeda's Number two re-affirms that their mission is to create a muslim caliphate from Spain to Iraq...
Al-Zawahiri further called for "jihad to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine, and liberate all the lands that used to be Muslim from Spain to Iraq."
So, obviously a middle-east settelement wouldn't be enough for Al-Qaeda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andalusia is ready for surrender, only Israel is willing to stand in their way apparently.

Jews know only too well how they would be treated by the fascists, at least they'll fight for themselves - and, luckily, for us too!

1:21 AM  
Blogger Libertymad said...

And the Spanish government and the Spanish Socialist Party will be so pleased. They organized an anti-Israeli demonstration led by an ex gay activist turned Socialist politician 8 days ago and keep saying that Israel is targeting civilians on purpose. The Socialist leader in Madrid called Israel "genocidal" and the PM put on the Palestinian scarf a few days ago and then said that he was proud of it and would do it again. The deputy PM congratulated those who attended the anti-Israeli demonstration.
The Israeli ambassador is crying "antisemitism" as loud as he can, and leftist politicians reply that he should leave the country. And this only the tip of the iceberg, because I do not want to be too long. However, if the PM wants to negotiate with the basque terrorist group ETA and calls some of their members "men of peace" and the conservative party "the war party", it comes as no surprise that he would support any kind of terrorism as long as it is anti-Israeli and /or Anti-American.

4:13 AM  

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