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Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Iran distracts us....

Of course, Iran is helping to cause trouble in Lebanon....
The UN Security Council should this week be discussing how to punish Iran for refusing to halt its uranium-enrichment programme. Instead, the world's leading powers are trying to bring a halt to the escalating violence in Israel and Lebanon, and Iran's nuclear programme has fallen off the international agenda.

It would be an understatement to say the mullahs in Teheran are delighted by this. But then, for them at least, it was hardly unexpected. Ever since Iranian exiles revealed the existence of the radical Islamic regime's top-secret uranium-enrichment plant at Natanz three years ago, Teheran has used every conceivable tactic to impede international attempts to halt its attempts to acquire an indigenous nuclear capability, which the West's intelligence community is convinced will ultimately result in an Iranian atom bomb.

The work of the inspectors dispatched by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to examine the Iranian programme was obstructed at every turn. Even Iran's offer to suspend its enrichment activities proved to be bogus. IAEA officials now privately concede that Iranian scientists took advantage of the year-long suspension to refine their enrichment techniques, so they were able to make rapid progress when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unilaterally resumed the programme earlier this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CBC and MSM in general live off their "Drive-by" reporting, during the Iraq war there have been almost 500 WMD casings presented to Congress as evidence for biological weapons, plus when a report of 1800lbs of Uranium was found and had to be removed for safe storage outside of Iraq, I never saw one story about it, and when Soviet/Russian fighter jets were uncovered in the desert sands not one photo made it to the Toronto Star or CBC.

Lets ask the CBC if they'll cut their budget in half and use the money to help the Lebanese showing up at our Airports with no ID papers , Kofi Annan now claims the refugees in Lebanon are also Iraqis that fled there after march 2003.
Since the majority on southern lebanese are Hezbullah supporting Shite Muslims does Bill Graham have a clue about the risks Canada is taking with our open-door/crap on our flag Policy Trudeau gave us.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Sean P., Vancouver-Quadra said...

You cannot, and must not blame Canada's multiculturalism and our beloved Charter of Rights and Freedoms given to us by the last Trudeau government.

Canadians are obligated to evacuate all Canadian citizens from Lebanon. The issue of cost recovery, if deemed important, should be discussed much later.

Although I support the State of Israel, I do not support it absolutely and unconditionally. Israel must acknowledge Lebanese sovereignty and the right of life of innocent Lebanese citizens, regardless if they are dual citizens of another country.

Yes, I admit that the United Nations Organization failed in this region miserably, and that the last thing needed is more so-called peace keepers. That does not give Israel the right to kill innocent Lebanese, regardless if all was done to not kill any civilian life. Hezbollah will exploit any innocent deaths to the utmost, and the Israelis must walk on egg shells in dealing with this situation. Remember, there are about three times as many Muslims in Canada now than there are Jews....If the Harper government wants to be so dead set in his support of Israel, he had better keep that in mind.

The Liberal Party of Canada is divided on this issue; one of Volpe's leadership managers quit on this issue. Historically, the majority of Canada's Jews had supported the Liberals. But, the Liberals are tending to cater to the Muslim voter now, and that will change things a bit.

Yes, Canada is right to support the State of Israel, but Canada shouldn't do so in such an impractical manner. Harper has a fragile hold on Parliament, and the last thing he wants is to be defeated on an issue of foreign policy, an issue in which the Liberals clearly have the lead and the support of the hearts and minds of a majority of Canadians since the days of Lester Pearson.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous philip said...

Iran has obviously elicited the assistance of Hamas and Hezbollah to "run interference" for them. That suggests two things. One, that Iran may have actually started to feel the heat of international pressure. Second, this illustrates the growing Iranian hegemony in the region. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt have every right to be concerned.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran sent Hezbollah 13,000 missiles to fire at Israel. Israel should send 13,000 missiles to Iran, or just one really good one.

2:53 AM  

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