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Monday, August 28, 2006

Cover-up in Tehran...

Satellite dishes are also being confiscated....
Police in Iran's capital, Teheran, have stopped almost 64,000 women and warned them against breaching strict Muslim dress codes in the last month alone.

The authorities have chosen the height of summer for a new crackdown to ensure that women cover their heads with veils and their bodies with long, heavy overcoats whenever they can be seen in public.

For years, Iran's police turned a blind eye when young women pushed the boundaries of the rules by wearing the flimsiest of veils, or displaying painted toenails in open sandals. But President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's deeply conservative regime is steadily reversing this trend.

Police in Teheran have been given orders to caution any woman they deem to be "badly veiled". Thousands are being stopped every day.

Mohammad Reza Alipour, from the capital's police force, said that 63,963 women had been given a warning in the last month, with some making a "written pledge to dress properly".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the reason that North American feminists are OUTRAGED at the Iranian regime!!!.... oh, wait a minute, no they're not.

They don't mind that women are being treated like cattle at all(they are foreigners after all).

Instead they're OUTRAGED at all the usual for all the usual reasons... whatever...

11:37 PM  

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