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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Iran training and equpping Iraqi insurgency....

We can't let the Iranians dictate policy in Iraq...
The Iranian government is training and equipping much of the Shiite insurgency in Iraq, a senior U.S. general said Wednesday, drawing one of the most direct links by the Pentagon.

Brig. Gen. Michael Barbero also said it was too soon to tell if the latest security crackdown in Baghdad has proved successful.

Barbero said it is a "policy of the central government in Iran" to destabilize Iraq and increase the violence there.

"I think it's irrefutable that Iran is responsible for training, funding and equipping some of these (Shiite) extremist groups and also providing advanced IED technology to them," Barbero said. "IED" refers to the improvised explosive devices _ roadside bombs _ that have caused much death and destruction in Iraq.
Bush's real mistake was in not sending in enough troops....and, of course, at any time, Europe could have pitched in but decided that the cause of Iraqi democracy was not worth pursuing.


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