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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Latest in Belgium...

Gee, their per-capita murder rate is twice that of the US.
There is also the amazing case of journalist Paul Belien, who edits the Brussels Journal, a pro-American, Euroskeptic, anti-Islamist blog. In February, the blog was one of the few news sources to republish the notorious Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammad, thereby attracting some two million unique visits. It also attracted extraordinary scrutiny from the Flemish newsweekly Knack. Noting that Mr. Belien's blog had been cited by Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes, Knack described the link as "no coincidence," but rather a "deliberate provocation by the neocons," the ultimate aim of which was to make Americans and Europeans believe "that all Muslims are violent and dangerous, after which the clash in Palestine, Iran and Syria can really kick off."

But that was as nothing compared to the reaction Mr. Belien provoked by an article following the Van Holsbeeck murder [a teenager murdered by two gypsy youths who wanted his MP3 player], in which he described the killers as "predators" and called for Belgium to decriminalize the possession of self-defense weapons (pepper spray is what he says he had mainly in mind).

Two weeks after the article appeared, Mr. Belien received a letter from the Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, a government-mandated body whose mission is to "assist victims of discrimination" and "sensitize the general public on antidiscrimination." (Belgium has one of the strongest antidiscrimination regimes anywhere.) Mr. Belien's article, according to the CEOOR, constituted an "incitement to violence"; he was ordered to remove it from his blog or face state prosecution. He complied. In the meantime, he says he received emails with pictures of burned corpses and messages reading, "This is what is going to happen to you."


Anonymous Trevor said...

I don't really trust the statement that the murder rate in Belgium is (almost) twice the US rate.

Despite the US rate dropping from around 9/100,000 15 years ago to about 5.5/100,000 recently I still can't find a legitimate source which puts the Belgium rate any higher than 1.4 to 2.4/100,000. Similarly the BBC rates Brussels as the safest large city in the EU with a murder rate of about 0.4/100,000. There does seem to be some blogs posting a 9+/100,000 murder rate in Belgium, but my short search hasn't lead me to a source that I think is trust worthy.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't this guy understand the terms of surrender? The State apparatus of the Eurabian countries has been designed for easy manipulation by extremists who want to shut down any debate or opposition to their new 'fascism lite' policies.

Unwittingly, this will help prepare them for the new 'heavy fascism' policies that will be instituted as soon as all those Muslims they paid for reach voting age. It's only a matter of time.

11:36 AM  

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