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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time to allow gays in US military....

Here's just one more example of where servicepeople are very accepting of gays...
The Uniformed Services University, a Department of Defense military medical, nursing and graduate school, has elected an openly gay man as student council president.

Patrick M. High becomes the first openly gay student council president at USU. He was elected by a student body that includes uniformed personnel in the armed forces and will represent graduate students at the university.

Before coming out High served nine years in the Illinois Army National Guard and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at USU.

Although some civilians attend the university most students are either in the military or have served. Most those who graduate from the university enter jobs with the government in the public health field.

“Patrick High’s election as student council president is just the latest in a series of signs that those serving in our armed forces are ready to welcome openly gay colleagues,” said C. Dixon Osburn, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

“High was elected based on his qualifications for the post, and that same criteria should be the guiding force throughout the military. His fellow students, including military students, have placed their trust in a leader who represents their ideals and goals."


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