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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Argentinian anti-semitism is up....

The same group that blocked an anti-Iranian demonstration took part in demos against Israel.
The pro-Israel community also is facing criticism from politicians. Government official Luis D'Elia spoke about the Mideast conflict at a street demonstration last week, a speech that journalist Joaquin Morales Sola thought really took aim at interfaith relations in Argentina.

It's one thing to advocate "a solution for the Palestinian people -- that must happen -- but it's another to support Hezbollah's anti-Jewish affiliation," Morales Sola wrote in La Nacion.

After the month-long war began in mid-July, Buenos Aires' public Philosophy and Literature University was vandalized several times with anti-Israel graffiti. Last week the university's walls were plastered with anti-Israel posters, said Jorge Kirszenbaum, president of the Jewish community's DAIA umbrella group.

"Be patriotic; kill Jews," was written on university classrooms and bathrooms.

DAIA criticized the graffiti, as did Jorge Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires.

"Under the pretended ideology of leftist youth groups against Zionism and the United States, there is a clear, prejudiced slant," Kirszenbaum told JTA in a telephone interview.

The walls were cleaned and the university director met with Kirszenbaum. On Aug. 30, the Senate passed a resolution deploring the graffiti attacks. But incidents have continued: Also Aug. 30, some 4,000 people demonstrated against Israel in front of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. The protesters were mostly left-wingers, human-rights activists or extremist Muslims. Quebracho, a left-wing group that prevented an anti-Iran demonstration last month organized by the Jewish community, also participated.


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