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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BBC Fun....

I just couldn't resist this column from teh Daily Mail in the UK.
The BBC is launching two new channels. One, in Arabic, will compete with al-Jazeera. The other, in Farsi, will be beamed into Iran. A spokesman said of the Persian-language venture: 'The new television service will be editorially independent of the UK government.'

So why is Gordon Brown subsidising it to the tune of £15 million?

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to put out the BBC's domestic service on satellite? No one would notice the difference.

In recent days, Radio 4 has given over a substantial chunk of the flagship Today programme to a party political broadcast by an Islamist maniac.

Those of us who live in the London area might just as well be watching the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation when it comes to 'local' news.

One night last week, the first five items on the World's Worst News Bulletin were all about Muslims.

Coverage of the debate over the veil was conducted exclusively from an Islamic viewpoint, from what I could gather.

First, there was a live vox-pop from a curry house opposite a mosque in Southall, where all those asked to comment had just turned out of Friday prayers. Back in the studio, the two invited guests were a 'moderate' Muslim and a bird in a burqa. This is what the BBC calls 'balance'.

We've even had the weatherman standing in the Edgware Road - the famous 'Arab Street' - giving us the forecast for Ramadan.


Blogger Suricou Raven said...

Hmm... how do they intend to get their signal into Iran? The country is quite well-known for its determined effots to expell outside cultural influences, even to the point of banning sat dishes.

It could be done, but... inconvenient. Cant sat it in, not without reciever dishes. Easiest way would be to set up transmitters in adjacent countries. Its right next to Iraq, so that wouldn't be difficult - im sure the Americans will be happy to allow a BBC transmitter to be built there. Same from the other side ans Afganistan.

Iran will probably set up jammers then. Oh, this is going to be fun.

8:10 AM  

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