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Sunday, October 22, 2006

British Imam says killing gays is OK...

I wonder if this will hit the gay press....
Manchester’s leading Imam has confirmed that he thinks the execution of sexually active gay men is justified.

Mr. Arshad Misbahi, who is based at the Manchester Central Mosque, confirmed his views in a conversation to Dr John Casson, a local psychotherapist.

“I asked him if the execution of gay Muslims in Iran and Iraq was an acceptable punishment in Sharia law, or the result of culture, not religion,” said Dr. Casson.

“He told me that in a true Islamic state, such punishments were part of Islam: if the person had had a trial, at which four witnesses testified that they had seen the actual homosexual acts.

“I asked him what would be the British Muslim view? He repeated that in an Islamic state these punishments were justified. They might result in the deaths of thousands but if this deterred millions from having sex, and spreading disease, then it was worthwhile to protect the wider community.

Dr. Casson said that he ten checked again that this was not a matter of tradition, culture or local prejudice.

“‘No,’ he said. ‘It is part of the central tenets of Islam: that sex outside marriage is forbidden; this is stated in the Koran and the prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – had stated that these punishments were due to such behaviours.’


Blogger KDubb3 said...

What a crazy thing for him to say. But as his position shows, he is speaking on behalf of Islam. We should take this to heart before the feet of Canadians are dangling over the ground.

6:25 PM  

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