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Thursday, October 26, 2006

They should be fired...

Their job is to deliver the mail, not to editorialize on it.
Vancouver postal workers who walked off the job in protest of an "anti-gay" booklet are back to work Thursday.

Sixty-eight employees, who worked for a medium-sized postal facility in the Commercial Drive area, walked off the job Wednesday rather than distribute a brochure they characterized as homophobic.

They decided to return to work Thursday morning after Canada Post decided not to pursue any disciplinary action against the workers who refused to deliver the unsealed booklet to some 200 homes, Vancouver president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Ken Mooney told

"Of all the communities to target, this is probably the poorest choice," Mooney said of the community he described as left-leaning.

"The consciousness of social issues is very high here," he said in a telephone interview from Vancouver.

Mooney said his office received several calls from members on Wednesday regarding a booklet prepared by an Ontario-based church group that was to be distributed as unaddressed mail.

"It's a 28-page booklet I would character as nothing but a 28-page diatribe against members of the homosexual community. It's hate literature and nothing else," he said.

"It never should have been accepted for delivery by Canada Post," he said.

The pamphlet calls homosexuality "ungodly," "unhealthy," and "unnatural" and blames homosexual people for spreading AIDS by living without "any moral restraints."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, even if it is offensive material, they should still deliver it.

I find the unrelenting onslaught of advertising offensive too, but it still gets delivered.

It's offensive, most people with just file it under "G" and whom ever published it, just wasted their money and time sending it out.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Fired? Come on, we all know the only government employees that can ever be fired for standing up for their beliefs are marriage commissioners. These guys have already been welcomed back with "no diciplinary action" taken.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous K said...

I agree with Jeff. Marriage commissioners, at least in Manitoba, are not employee's, civil servants, or government agents. They are simply licensed by the Province and are allowed "descretion" when it comes to couples they marry(provided they are hetro and not gay otherwise they are canned if they don't violate their own religious beliefs)

Now I see a government employee (not some yahoo off the street with an "optional" license)can walk off the job even though they DO have an obligation to get the mail out. I wonder if these same people refuse to deliver the mail when John Robin Sharpe out there was distibuting all his kiddie porn literature.

I mean no disrespect to the author of this site but I have to ask the question, "Is this what we are to consider more "Tolerance" from the gay side of the spectrum and it's supporters? It quite clearly appears that Tolerance is a one way street when it comes to their views.

And they accuse the "right" of having narrow minded views. Sheesh, what a double standard!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Ben in Ontario said...

I'm not aware that anything like this has ever happened before in Canada, so I'm confident that the pamphlet was a pretty extreme example of bigotry that shouldn't have been delivered by the post office anyway.

I don't think these employees should be fired.

As far as I'm concerned Canada Post is more than welcome to hold back anything that is not addressed specifically to me. I get too much junk in the mail now and I really don't want to get unsolicited rants of ignorant loonie lobbists "delivered directly to my home".

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Toronto Twink, Vancouver Centre said...

Typical Tory reaction!

How can you, a homosexual, be so bloody homophobic! I am totally confused as to why you want those CUPW members fired for refusing to distribute homophobic hate literature?

Is it because your Foreign Minister (Mackay) is about to be heard for contempt of Parliament? Is it because the Conservatives are so far behind in the polls right now that you are scared?

I am totally confused as to your unwavering support of the Harper government.

1:45 AM  
Anonymous k said...

T.O. Twinkie,(If I may interject here Fred)

"How can you, a homosexual, be so bloody homophobic!"

Is that the best line of crap you can come up with? Did you even read the literature? Or in your typical "Christianphobia" kind of way determine that it is hate literature autmoatically just because it does not line up with how you view the world?

The term homophobia is so old, used, and abused from your end of the spectrum that I venture to say nobody is paying attention to it anymore. It is merely a word used to attemtpt to manipulate, instill shame, and try to guilt people into silence. Forced acceptance is not acceptance at all.

Try using that word where it is actually applicable otherwise it begins to sound like the boy who cried wolf.

I suppose your going to display your "tolerance" with Fred by telling him to go back into the closet because he refuses to be a clone robot to towing the "gay agenda" line. Is he not allowed to have his own opinions "regardless of sexual orientation"?

"I am totally confused as to why you want those CUPW members fired for refusing to distribute homophobic hate literature?

Yes indeed you are confused. What exactly was in there that was hateful? They disagreed with homosexuality? That's not hate. They expressed their fundemental right to freedom of speech and distribution? Nope. No hate in that either. They said God does not recognise homosexuality? An opinion they are entitled too. BUT not hateful. That AIDS is soley a homosexual disease? Although you may feel they are misguided in that statement still no hate in that.

In fact the Gay and Lesbian center out of Los Angeles would agree with it as they are already promoting a campaign, and I qoute "AIDS, is a gay disease" (check it out at

Unless the literature actually calls upon people to tongue lash and beat the crap out of gay people then I fail to see your point. So get over the martyr role and stop being so paranoid.

If Canada Post will distrbute gay literature to the public then it goes both ways. If the shoe was on the other foot and they refused to distribute literature that promoted your views (well, you would just call them homophobes right off the bat) and scream, stomp, and jump up and down that they should be fired "Because they are employees of the government and their job is not too decide what they can and cannot put in some ones mail box"

"Is it because your Foreign Minister (Mackay) is about to be heard for contempt of Parliament?"

Prove it! Affadavits by liberals won't hold much water considering "truth" does not excist in their vocabulary. Just ask Mr. Paul I support the traditional definition of marriage, the GST is a stupid tax! I have no knowledge of a sponsorship scandal as I was just a dumbass Minister of Finance, and oh yeah the vice president of the treasury board Martin. Yeah, the intregity of a liberal is just too overwhelming for me.

Is it because the Conservatives are so far behind in the polls right now that you are scared?

Let me guess. You got your info from the "red rag" the Toronto Star. Omigoodness another BS poll that the blue ship is going down because some liberally bias twisted questionare conducted (in Toronto only) said were going down. Polls schmolls :p

Scared? The only thing to be scared of is another do nothing, flip flopping, "I can't make up my dam mind I better take another POLL", dithering liberal government.

"I am totally confused as to your unwavering support of the Harper government.

After one of the biggest Canadian taxpayer ripoffs in the history of this nation that was of ENRON proportions (only those guys actually got punished for their CRIMES!) I am surprised at your unwavering support of criminal activity. We call them liberal...unless of course you would like to redefine that word too!

5:52 AM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

To the Toronto Twink:

I want these people fired because they refused to deliver mail. Just as I want the bus drivers fired in Minnesota who refused to drive their buses because a gay message was on their bus advertising. These workers have no right to stop doing their job - if they have some real passion, they can quit and protest.

As for my so-called 'unwavering' support for the Conservative Government, apparently you haven't been reading my blog for all that long. You should read some of my comments during the election campaign. I disagree with the conservatives on many issues (like voting again on gay marriage)...however, lately I find that this government just rocks. I love the accountability act, Harper's support of Israel, the paying down of debt, ending the funding of feminist lobbying organizations, etc.

3:36 PM  
Blogger jw said...

Their job is to deliver the legal mail, not to critique it. If the pamphlets were illegal, that would be different. Apparently they are only "controversial" and must therefore be delivered.

5:03 AM  

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