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Monday, November 13, 2006

OutGames lost more than $5 million....

Can't Gay groups organize anything?
The Quebec government says last summer's Outgames, which featured thousands of gay athletes from around the world, ended up losing more than $5 million.

Muncipal Affairs Minister Nathalie Normandeau says she's disappointed with the outcome, especially as the province gave organizers more than $3 million.

Organizers initially announced a $200,000 surplus but an auditor hired by the Quebec government found the Games were actually in the red.

Many of the cultural and sporting events drew far fewer spectators than expected.
Part of the problem was the fact that there was a competing gay games held in Chicago. Had there been only one competition, the chances for success wold have been much increased. And, someone should have put pressure on the organizers - no support if there is a competing event.

The results were predictable...


Anonymous Gay-Tory-Bob in Ontario said...

The high level of leftie politicisation at these games didn't make anyone who wasn't a bloquiste or at least a syndicaliste welcome.

I remember at the time that twit Tewkesbury and the MSM were howling that the PM didn't attend, but when Michael Fortier showed up he was booed with venom.

Bottom-line, Fred: it isn't that gays can't organize anything right, it's lefties that can't organize anything right and even when they get hefty grants it's still never enough.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm... HELLO! the games were 'organized' in Quebec.

The fact that the organizers were gay is irrelevant...

Unless, of course, a man can have a baby now?:)

there's a 76' Olympics joke in there somewhere, Mayor Drapeau?

1:05 AM  

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